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Caned Before School

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/12/09

An older CalStar, from an era when spanking uncles had play with their young nieces. Christina, a young blonde girl, oversleeps on a school day, cuddled in bed with her teddy bears, while her smarmy Uncle Hubert, a familiar predator of young bottoms from CalStar-past, fumes in the kitchen.

He finally drags her out of bed. We watch her slowly undress and dress for school--a nifty little schoolgirl figure and a nice job of portraying the innocence so necessary here. Downstairs Hubert has discovered nude photos of Christina. He confronts her. She is going to be spanked before school. "But I'll be late." "I'll take care of that. I'm going to spank your naked bottom."

The spanking begins right there in the kitchen. Christina's prominent spankable bottom is soon on display, in school knickers. Her squawks and saucy behavior increase the excitement of the spanking. "I'm going to take your knickers right down." Uncle likes to talk dirty. She struggles but loses. A fast, hard spanking. Good closeups, with Christina hollering along the way.

"What are we going to do with you now? Take your skirt off..your tie..take your blouse off." She is reluctant but knows sure enough where this is going. She stands for him in just panties; he twirls her like a trophy. She hands him one of her sneakers. Down with her knickers; hands at her sides, fuzzy little front. She is spanked briefly with the sneaker, silly but humiliating. She has a way of posing her body in one position or another, a hot young lady.

Uncle Hubert is going to cane her before she leaves. Bent over the table again, she takes about 12 strokes, mild but increasing in intensity. Nice facials. She dresses, slowly, posing again as she covers up, and skips off to school. We can imagine a hot itching bottom on the wooden school desk seat all day.

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