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Caned But Not For Publication

21 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR - Posted 10/29/10

Young brunette schoolgirl-looking Sarah arrives at a photo studio. The actor Michael Dawes, called Jack here, early in his estimable spanking career, is thin, kempt, full head of hair, but already mischievous. Punky haired Sarah is in fact a schoolgirl and she is going to pose for some nude photos for Jack's spanking magazine. She does her markeup then steps in front of a portrait backdrop and strips down to innocent blue panties.

Another guy breaks into the shoot and drags Sarah off and begins spanking her on the panties. "Boy am I going to punish you, you little hussy....your mother warned me about this." After a long handspanking, he takes down the blue pants. With the rights he has as a guardian, apparently there are privileges included. We see Jack listening to the sounds of the spanking through door. It is a hard one. "Please stop.....stop..."

Jack has apparently gone back to his place and now enters the spanking scene with a handful of paddles and canes. "I saw these in a spanking magazine." "Thanks, Jack."

The guardian guy continues to spank Sarah. She gets the tawse over a chair, touches toes for the riding crop, she is quivering and gasping. Although this is a simple, rudimentary film, the spanking is quite hard. " you're going to get the cane on you." "Not the cane."

Five hard strokes on bare skin, a check of his work, then 5 more. He urges her to bend over a chair, extracts a muffled agreement not to pose for any more men's magazines, then another 5. She quivers as if it were 40 degrees in the room. A pause, then a final 2.

Jack walks in, sees the state of her bottom and wants to photograph her for his magazine. After a half-hearted discussion they agree, she leaves to cross the street to his studio. It must be nearby, because she doesn't have any pants on. Jack hands the guardian some money--this was a setup. The way to prepare her bottom for the shoot was to get the guardian to do it.

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