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Caned by the Council

39 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/11/09

An average CalStar effort, on a familiar plot--girls take court-assigned corporal punishment in lieu of imprisonment. The film opens with a brief exterior, a view of a sign "Magistrate's Court." A silly looking blonde woman in a uniform like a meter maid or girl school leader, presides in a classroom setting. Two tarty looking girls hve been arrested for prostitution, multiple times, so they have been sent to the court officer for spankings.

There isn't much dispute. The first lady, Lucy, a thin frizzy brunette, is bent over a desk, flimsy dress turned up, for a handspanking on a white thong. The second girl, a faded blonde, wearing a denim micro-skirt which doesn't cover her bottom, and no panties, has her bend-over handspanking. The blonde is called "No. 1" by the officer and is taken OTK "like a little girl." The brunette is designated "No.2" and goes OTK and her thong is removed. These spankings are not memorable, although the closeups are good.

Matters intensify a bit. No.1 kneels on a sort of prayer bench and is paddled with the soft oval implement so familiar to us. No.2 gets her turn kneeling. The paddling is long and steady. To No.1: "I hope you're watching her face and seeing her suffer." The officer compares the red bottoms side-by-side and decides No.1 needs more, all the while urging the girls to find real work.

Blonde No.1 remains in place for a thick leather sole-shaped paddle. After a moment of corner time, she is brought back for the martinet, rather expertly handled by the officer. Not hard, but relentless. For the fun of it, the officer requires brunette No.2 to strip nude and face us, as she watches the martinet action. A hot little moment.

The officer directs No.2 to "cream her bum, properly, or I'll cane you." This she accomplishes, an slow sexy massage of Lucy. But No.2 decides she is no longer willing to accept this punishment and so is signed out to return for police processing.

Lucy, blonde No.1 will see the punishment through to the end. The officer is probably angry at this point. Some more with the martinet, then the floppy painful leather paddle, and lastly, here comes the cane. "I suggest you grip on tight. This is really going to hurt."

About 20 strokes are shown, resulting from repeats from several angles. Her bottom, at this point, is well-marked from handspanking, paddling, the martinet, and the cane, a study in topography.

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