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Caned by the Establishment

53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/15/10

The actor Michael Dawes plays a wealthy country gentleman who catches two young blondes protesting the construction of a highway he has agreed to on his land. He brings them back to his manor to discuss their arguments. Sneaky guy (we knew that). The girls are current-era hippies, wearing protest T-shirts and jeans.

The girls sit in Michael's sunlit lounge, rebuff his attempt to buy off their agreement. He soon discovers in fact he is their landlord and now he has the leverage he seeks. They deserve a "bloody good spanking and caning" for "protesting on my land." They try that evergreen "Is there no other way?", which doesn't work with Michael, who represents the landed-gentry establishment against these interlopers.

Jackie, a bright blonde, is first OTK. Jeans down to display crisp white bikini panties. She seems amused, as is her friend Fiona. Her bottom arches high on Michael's lap. When he teases her knickers down, she helps by lifitng her hips. "This is the warming up process." Silly girl: "Are you going to do it harder?" She stands to remove her jean and her panties--her front is mostly shaved. T-shirt off,bent over a chair, paddled in just her bra. Michael micro-examines her bottom.

Legs apart, pertly tippy-toe for the "extra sting-y strap," lovely shots from below her legs, and of Michael's intimate fondle. He shows Jackie the cane--sweet torment, she removes her bra and takes 20 vigorous strokes on a perfect shiny smooth rouged bottom. She stimulates herself toward the end. Educational closeups.

Fiona, a thin blonde, has had to wait her turn and has seen it all. Michael: "You are co-conspirators...your bottom is all nice and fresh for me." He takes her jeans down. A mole on her right buttock looks like it would be fun to work on. OTK, black panties down quickly. Then a bend-over exam; T-shirt off; this eco-protester must have burned her bra at another gathering. She is marched off nude into the dining room--we always love these transitional moments. Over the table for the soft paddle, tawny fuzz winks at us. Legs apart, "We need to get you well-prepared for the swishy cane, my favorite part."

Michael twirls her. Clever little mohawk. The floppy paddle finds a result: "I thought I saw a little tear...we need a little more tenderizing for what's coming next."

Which is rattan. "Brace yourself." About 20 prototypes from Michael. Welts at 5; she must wiggle higher over the table at 10, as erotic as it gets. Michael does not release her without his final watchmaker's examination. A simple CalStar, some scene changes, humor, tears,and red marks.

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