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Caned by the Wrinkly Professor

47 minutes
Year: 2003
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/12/09

The silliest professor/Don/headmaster-type you'll find, a truly ancient mariner in full robes and mortar board, has two delectable young schoolgirls, also in full kit, in his grasp. The girls are made to fidget in silence. We fidget too as the clock ticks, but this video will be long enough for each girl to get her just desserts. The word "wrinkly" is dropped from most promotions of this video, which reduces the fun of the ageplay.

"What punishment are we going to get?" The professor: "The full repertoire of this school. I am considering a caning." "Oh, no!"

The scene is meant to be a classroom but looks more like someone's office with the furniture pulled off-screen. The Professor takes the first girl, Evans, a nicely developed blonde ponytail, OTK. The second girl, Staunton, is made to watch the action. A perfunctory handspanking on Evans' red school skirt and then on her dark blue panties. The Professor takes the panties down--a heartwarming closeup of a most pleasant bottom.

Evans, even while in such an exposed position, points to a piece of furniture. "What's that thing for?" Silly girl, it's a padded spanking trestle and she is soon festooned over it, panties at her shoe-tops, bottom on full display. "Now you know what it is for, don't you?" He smacks hard--Evans gasps and develops pink cheeks. "Surely that's enough, sir." Thoughtful camera angles of side, face, rear, and distant. The floppy leather paddle elicits louder cries, as it always seems to do.

This naughty and evil Professor takes salacious pleasure in telling the girls both their bare bottoms will be put on display tomorrow in morning assembly and that their spankings will be severe enough that marks will still show. To Evans: "The cane, girl!" And then woosh woosh.

"No talking. You are taking 24 strokes." The strokes are moderate, on the bare, over the trestle. Marks show quickly. Some of his strokes are a little wild. Girl #2 does some melodramatic wincing and cringing in the background. The Professor fondles Evans' bottom at the conclusion. She looks swollen and tender. Her red buttocks turn white under his probing fingertips.

It is Staunton's turn. She puts the trestle back to the side and goes OTK for the same handspanking and paddling. Her white panties don't survive any longer than Evans' did. Evans has been cornered, back to us, pants down, and legs spread. Staunton presents another British bottom with nary a detail to complain about. This actress's striking face attracts the camera.

"Time for the stool." She sneaks her panties up, moves the trestle and assumes the position. The Professor discovers her panties, directs her to stand again and pull them back down. This knicker-focus is of course an essential part of the byplay for any spanking. While standing, she is directed to remove her blouse and tie too. She is a vision in just a white bra. Back down for the two paddles. She is completely quiet. Lovely facials, hair over eyes, as she grits her teeth.

"Now for the cane. Prepare yourself, girl." At least 25 moderate strokes, bottom full-screen, welts and bruises. Finally, desperate little squeaks on the last few strokes. A closeup of her knickers slipped up, but they are coming down again, because the Professor has to have one more look.

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