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Caned Every Day and The Finishing School

Starring: Elaine
Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Original Review by Katrina

The ladies who run Miss Marchmont Productions refer to themselves as " the best kept secret on the web." After viewing this superb production I shall make it my personal mission in life to ameliorate this situation. It is time for all lovers of corporal punishment erotica to become intimately familiar with Miss Marchmont.

This remembrance of punishments past (all apologies to Marcel Proust) is a wonderfully erotic and sensual experience. The writing, filmmaking, and acting featured in this production are of the highest caliber. This video is very much like a Merchant/ Ivory film with spanking. (How about Miss Howard's End for the next production?)

This video from the society is really a collection of two films. The first, Caned Every Day, is best described as a sequel to That'll Teach 'Em. It is short, running about ten minutes. It reprises the three young ladies and the headmistress with her rattan rod. The girls had been caught stealing candy from a local merchant. Rather than face the discipline of the police, the headmistress pleaded with the merchant to discipline the girls herself. As a result, they had been properly spanked, hair brushed, and given twelve "of the best" in the earlier film.

However, that was not to be the end of it. They were to be caned every day for the next week. This film shows the first day. (In actuality, it is probably shot the same day as the earlier work. The marks and red bruising on their bottoms had not faded in the slightest.)

This short sequel is simply a caning. Each of the girls is brought in, one at a time. They bend over and touch their toes. The headmistress then pulls up their skirts, tidies up their shirt, and pulls down their knickers. She then swishes the cane in the air for balance and lays on the punishment with a will to their backside. Each girl gets another dozen strokes on their swollen and striped bottom.

The first girl, Elaine, has trouble holding her position but manages to return to it properly. Melanie, played by Niki Montford, is as stoic as normal and with the exception of a few cries of pain, just takes the punishment without so much as a flinch. Christine, on the other hand, jumps up on the first stroke and with most every stroke manages to do a small bottom rubbing walking routine. She still manages to restore her position as the punishment must have dragged on quite lengthy for her.

The second portion of the video is called "the Finishing School." It opens with the two players in the main room, his study. Steven, the professor, is reading his newspaper, and the student is writing her assignment on a small writing table in the corner. A telephone call takes him out of the room. She uses this time to retrieve a piece of candy from her jacket hanging on the door. When she does stand, it is obvious that she is being punished from some earlier infraction. She is not wearing a skirt, but only a blouse and panties. What is it with school girls and candy? It is obvious that this action is not acceptable because she must sneak the piece of candy. She knows that it is wrong. She does it anyway.

When he returns, he walks over to her table and calls her name. She immediately stands and pulls down her knickers, and puts her hands behind her back. He insists that when she talks to him that she stand and when she stands that her knickers come down. When she responds to him he notices that she is eating the candy.

When she returns from talking to her guardian on the telephone, he tells her that since she insists upon acting as a twelve year old, he will punish her as such. She bends over and puts her hands on his chair; her knickers are still down around her thighs. He starts to spank her with his hand.

The hand spanking is not very severe. It seems to be more of a tapping rather than a full-blown spanking. The girl's reaction to the spanking is a bit out of the ordinary. Either she has a very sensitive bottom or her acting ability is as if she was doing a Cecil B. DeMille feature. However, once her bottom has taken on a nice dark crimson color, Steven does pick up the pace a bit. Now she has something about which to complain. By the time that she stands, her bottom and tops of her thighs resemble rare hamburger. They have a deep red hue color.

Next he uses a strap. She bends over and puts her elbows and hands on the table. He uses a short strap which starts to make its distinctive striped marks on her bottom immediately. She won't be sitting down comfortably for the remainder of the day. There will be this overriding reminder as she tries to negotiate that impossible task of sitting down without a special twinge. The strapping continues until her bottom is again fully red. As he completes the process, he lays his hand across her cheeks and proclaims that "you are a bit warm aren't you?" The answer should be obvious. Of course her bottom is warm! However, it is not the proper temperature for him. He continues to apply the strap. After checking again, he changes the strap for a two-tailed tawse strap. He knows that she hates the tawse. That does not stop him. He applies the tawse liberally to her backside. Once the bottom temperature has reached the boiling point, he decides that it is now time to apply the cane.

A few swishes of the cane through the air; its familiar whoosh sound; the remembrance of the exquisite pain that it delivers; and the feeling of the after-marks all play havoc on her mind. As he taps the cane on her bottom, he takes aim for that magical little spot just below the full rounded part of the bottom and above the thighs. He aims to place the cane on the middle of the "sit spot". His aim is perfect. It comes down just where he planned it. Claire practically jumps straight up as the cane bites into her sensitive area. The next stroke is dead center across the middle of the bottom. It only elicits a moan of pain from the girl. After the first ten or so strokes, the white marks across her bottom cheeks are very obvious. These spots will be very sore in the next few hours. Once he has satisfied himself that she was fully taught a lesson, he sends her back to her work. Her work is on a hard wooden chair, a chair that she sits upon with her knickers still down.

Later that evening, just before bedtime....

Claire talks to her guardian. She described the earlier incident. He tells the professor that she should be strapped again. The professor wants to use the cane. So, they settle upon a compromise. Clair is to receive the strap and the cane. That is some compromise! Claire enters the study and bends over. The marks from the earlier caning are very evident on her bottom.

He starts to use the strap on her bottom. She complains in cries of pain but does not move while the leather makes new marks on her cheeks. After a few dozen strokes of the strap, he decides that she has had enough. Her bottom is now back "up to temperature" and suitable for his cane.

Replacing the strap with the cane, he again slices the strap through the air. It makes it distinctive sound. He starts to use the cane. He wants every slice of the cane across her backside to be felt so it is done slowly and deliberately with full force. After he has delivered his new set of strips to her backside, she is finally let up. Her nose is pressed against the wall, a book placed in her head, and her arms are folded behind her back while he takes his comfortable chair and again starts to read the newspaper.

This film starts as a simple caning of three ladies. It is nothing more than that. The ladies come in, bend over, have their bottoms bared, and are caned. It is that simple. The cane strokes are hard, firm, and I am sure, very painful. They left very deep marks on their bottoms.

Then, it continues with a different slant on the same basic subject. The girl in question has been accused of a similar infraction; that of inappropriately taking sweets (candy) which led to the first three being punished. Steven is a very good disciplinarian. He knows how to use the strap and the cane with deadly accuracy. His "hand"ywork (sorry) is good. I guess that it would have been better for me if it was over-the-knee, but bent over a desk is acceptable.

The film is good. I liked it. It is a good ending to an excellent work and a suitable staring point to a new item. I am only thankful that I do not attend an "English Finishing School". I found it hard enough through college; but to have to face the cane and the strap would be too much. All in all, it is a keeper.

2nd Review by MARS posted 4/17/09
time: 10 minutes/35 minutes F/3f and M/f

A thoroughly entertaining review predates us, so once again we will try to complement it and expand the file knowledge. "Caned Every Day" is a sequel to "That'll Teach 'Em," which we haven't seen yet. In a brief 10 minutes, three schoolgirls are caned by the actress Miss Brown, a lefthanded caner-extraordinaire whose career we are studying. The girls are apparently finished off for earlier offenses in the prequel. Miss Brown wears academic robes and a severe hairdo and refrains from showing as much of her usual pleasure at the whaling of young female bottoms.

The girls enter a classroom one at a time when called. Each is exquisitely attired in schoolgirl jumper, blouse, sash, and school knickers. Each girl bends over into the touch-toes position--Miss Brown raises the skirt, pulls down the panties, then 12 cane strokes ring out in the fully equipped classroom--Miss Brown's characteristic full-bodied unrelenting swings. The girls' bottoms are still marked from the previous video, so this caning hurts more, and more quickly. The girls are told, "You are to be caned every day this week."

Three sweet authentic schoolgirls--pale red-striped, blotched bottoms. Each girl takes her punishment without argument. Miss Brown allows each to adjust in her own way to this new pain. After all, this is going to happen every day.

"The Finishing School" is darker in content. Claire, a tender and innocent-appearing schoolgirl, sits in a Don's office, working on her notebook, but wearing just a blouse, tie, and white panties. She is in the midst of a punishment session. The don steps out to take a phone call and Claire sneaks a piece of candy. He returns and she stands and pulls her panties down, a requirement when she wishes to speak or is spoken to. We remember this is procedure in an old Roue film, and while it might not appear in the school policy manual, it would seem to focus young minds. She is cleanly shaved.

The don has taken a call from her guardian; she is sent to speak to him, her panties remaining at her thighs. She seems unconcerned about running into other people. When she returns, waddling, panties still at her thighs, since she has been acting like a 12 year old, "I see no option but to punish you like a 12 year old." She bends over a wing chair, her white silk panties stretched elegantly, and there follows a long, slow, moderate handspanking on her bottom and thighs. The don spreads her buttocks to strike between the cheeks. Some probing fondles suggest Claire may not be unfamiliar with this punishment.

"I'm afraid you get the strap and the cane." Claire leans over a table for a long session with a short, narrow strap--30 slow strokes, 30 rapid fire, then another 19 rapid. She cries out but accepts her punishment.

Then the tawse: "You know how much you hate the tawse." About 25 strokes--Claire's bottom is blotched with patterns from the hand, strap,and tawse. Another slow fondle. The don determines her bottom is now the "perfect temperature for the cane," in fact "your second caning this week." 15 moderate but effective strokes.

Fade to that evening. Claire holds a phone, talking to her guardian, her pants in the required position. The don is fingering her vagina in closeup as she talks, and she is quite composed about it all. The guardian agrees on the phone--she is to be both strapped and caned, on top of what has already happened!

She is sent into the inner office and told to touch toes and wait. Can enough be said about this posture? The don starts with the strap, about 35 crackers. She is going to "end the day with a red sore striped bottom." This actress has just enough gap between her thighs to provide a vision of her charms, which seem of significant interest to the don. The don traces her labia with a fingertip; she shivers and becomes aroused as we watch. She finally receives 15 more strokes with the cane. Her bottom has recorded every event.

Our don-devil puts Claire nose to wall, pants down, textbook balanced on her head, legs spread, for an hour to contemplate, but first a slow gentle frig. Back to his newspaper.

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