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Caned for Benefits

52 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 2/11/2011

Two very attractive girls, Joanne and Amanda, serve as personal assistants to the landed lord Mr. Watson. The girls omitted to notice the "punishment regime" CP option in their employment contracts. They have gotten in trouble on the estate, and this is, after all, England.

Watson will hand out spankings right now, in the brick-walled, arched wooden-door room CalStar has used often, providing an institutional, ecclesiastical feel and magnified acoustics when flesh meets flesh. Watson takes brunette Joanne OTK first, on a couch. She is slightly too eager, pulling up her skirt without prompting, to expose a tiny thong. Good over-the-shoulder views. Same treatment for blond Amanda.

Watson wants more and uses a doubled belt on them, each in turn, kneeling on the couch. The girls are sent back to work, but for some reason go to a bedroom, put on white satin nighties, and carefully examine each other's red bottoms.

The girls might not mind this CP stuff too much. Joanne tries spanking Amanda on the bed. "Oh, you have a wonderful bottom...are you enjoying it?" The answer must be 'yes,' because Joanne gets "tough" in order that "we're going to get used to this...take your panties down...right down." The girls switch--Amanda spanks Joannne. Watson, not so dumb, walks in. Why aren't they working? He has brought a paddle, the large and long kidney-shaped leather item which can cover both cheeks.

Watson positions Joanne on the bed, pillows under her bottom. He spanks moderately, she doth protest too much, she starts counting strokes without command. The acting and editing are awkward. Amanda climbs into position for her paddling. Joanne sneaks her pants back up. The best disciplinarians we've seen usually spot this and take punitive action.

Amanda kneels on the bed, holds the headboard and cocks her bottom like a goose at mating time. Watson to Joanne: "Pull up her nightdress and her knickers down." After some spanking and paddling, he rubs her, flicking between her legs.

Both glamorous tushes are compared. "I will see the pair of you in my study in 10 minutes, dressed as you are, without panties." Right on, Mr. Watson!

This film is not strong on theatrical continuity. We see the girls, Amanda compleely naked, in the bright sunlight on the lawn, a nudie show. Back in the brick room, Watson waits with the cane. Amanda kneels on the couch naked, a topless Joanne holds her--about 20 strokes. She's got dirty bare feet. Watson breaks the cane on the fifth stroke. She surges and wiggles seductively.

It is a long session, amost 10 minutes. Amanda stands, hands-on-couch, for a whole new brace, almost 50 more strokes shown, the last two laster-like. Some blood flecks. Don't fuss about repeats (probably three times)--a nice bottom getting a thorough caning.

Joanne's turn--just a half-dozen on the couch, then at least 40 with repeats, standing. She had to be told to drop her panties, having missed the instruction to leave them behind for the evening. (We suggest the continuity girl herself be spanked at the studio before she goes home.) More dirty feet frlom the studio floor and a full thatch of fur. And just for good measure--[a dog barks].

The girls rub and say "Good night." Watson checks his magnificent handiwork, and what-the-hell, let's have a few more. Four or five more strokes on each bare bottom, Amanda being the most delightful, just by a hair.

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