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Caned For Her Attitude

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/4/09

We were surprised to discover this well-constructed spanking film turned into a full-fledged porn movie, another challenge to the adage that spanking and sex don't mix on film. This actress makes it all happen.

Two goofy older guys are painting an apartment and mostly skylarking. Louise, an attractive brunette who bears a nice resemblance to a "Mary Louise" of movie/TV fame, is staying at her friend Nikita's flat. She is critical of the painters, and they in turn demand cash payment. They want 100 pds and simply grab and search her. She is wearing only a loose top and boyshorts, not what you'd advise with a houseful of male help.

Painter #1, a tall scruffy guy who qualified a while ago for Social Security, puts his hands in her shorts and verifies she has no cash. But she is cheeky and argumentative, so he marches her into the next room, onto the couch, and OTK. "This is what Nikita got." Her shorts come down to show well filled-out white panties. They soon come down. Louise is cooperating, keeping her knees very wide. He calls for his partner, painter #2, a small guy of similar vintage who looks like a clown without his red nose and funny shoes, to bring his tool bag. "I've got something in there."

It's a slipper, and he whacks away. Louise takes it in, kneeling, legs spread, back arched, as if she were in heat. She offers her bare bottom over the couch arm, trying both sides. Terrific postures, great facials, vigorous spankings. He jams her shorts in her mouth to quiet her down. She knows enough to keep her panties stretched tight at her knees.

He retrieves his trouser belt and she waits placidly. "How old are you...19?..." Brief whipping with the belt. She kneels on the floor, knees wide, back arched, fully exposed for the oval paddle. She wouldn't seem to need to be told this, but "Get your legs open. Be ready for us when we fuck you."

Straddling his knee for more paddle; the floppy strap comes out of his tool bag; she is back on the floor, "on all fours like a dog." He produces a cane, she almost eagerly removes the knickers which have settled at her ankles, they are stuffed in her mouth. She is caned over the couch arm--20 strokes, textbook perfect closeups and obliques of Louise's well cared for body. For some reason she bruises quickly; she give off delightful shivers at the sound of the woosh, which the painter enjoys doing.

Painter #2, rubbing his crotch, is desperate to join in. He must wait: "10 minutes more." To Louise, the tall painter says: "You're not finished after this. You're going to please us both." Painter #2 joins, strokes, and investigates her bottom.

The three adjorn to a bedroom, where Louise lies face down, pants gone, knees wide, and a plausible threesome conventional sex scene devolves. Some detail here, because we were surprised at the intensity of this last 15 minutes with these two ageplay actors. The painters strip off their clothes and work themselves erect.

Louise helps painter #2 along. Occasionally, during this scene she looks at the camera, as if maybe she didn't do this for a living. Very sexy. On her back, she services both painters, and seems to switch to higher gear to achieve her own pleasure.

She takes the top position on the tall painter, having thrown off her loose-fitting jersey, to be quite naked. She gives him a very athletic fucking, from several positions. Painter #2 actually enters her from the rear while she is bobbing up and down. There is inaudible urging dialogue as all three aprroach their conclusions. Both men cum on her naked body in formulaic style.

Now everyone has had his fun; Louise barks at them in mock anger and they run off naked, and she winks at us behind the camera.

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