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Caned For Sweets and Money

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/18/09

We have become boring with our CalStar archive work. We enjoy plots, dialogue, suspense, sardonic humor, and plausible spankings. We especially note the plot pretexts required to get a young lady into the spanking situation in just a few film minutes. Some are far-fetched, way out there. This film would be one of these. the actor Michael Dawes, playing Derrick, manages to get his hands on 2 girls.

The scene is CalStar's white sectional couch again, modern art on the wall. Derrick in his unkempt-hair, puffy face period. Kim. a long-legged. long brunette-haired young lady in schoolgirl attire, stops by to see Derrick's daughter Sarah. Derrick senses something, offers her a glass of wine, they chat and flirt, get to discussing spanking, and soon enough they decide to give it a try. Derrick locks the door.

Kim goes OTK. Derrick sits at the junction of the sectional, so Kim's long body is supported across the angle. He tells her: "You've got that little twinkle in your eye." Skirt up, bare bottom w/thong. Good camera work from both ends of the couch, facilitated by having placed Derrick in the crotch of the sectional. "Pull your little G-string down." Kim is unruffled by being spanked on the bare by her friend's father and chatters away, even opening her legs to give him a chance to explore. She's an athlete,and he has "noticed her cheeky bottom on the sports channel."

She stands up and strips nude. Derrick squeezes her breasts. He now has his Big three-the oval paddle, the sole-paddle, and the cane. He uses both paddles, keeps her legs wide, does some careful groping, kisses her bottom, and teases her about her naughty willingness. There is a hint of a reward.

With the cane: "How many of these do you think you can take, Kim?" She gets 13 strokes, they hear Sarah downstairs, so she dresses and goes off. "It was a pleasure. You should come around more often."

Yet another girl, Beatrice, stops by for Sarah. She'll wait. Short compact blonde in full school kit. She falls for Derrick's glass-of-wine ploy. Wasn't she one of the girls making stange noises in Sarah's room, with boys, like a headboard banging? Derrick has found a condom wrapper. Beatrice knows where Derrrick is going with this, because yet another girl, Chloe, was showing her bottom around school--what happened to her at this house. Derrick: "Do you like to be spanked too?"

Derrick offers Beatrice taxi money. She is reluctant to take her panties down, but it is accomplished, during the traditional OTK. She removes her skirt and blouse. "I like the ritual of caning with the subject nearly nude." Both paddles, bent over the couch. Beatrice sighs out in sweet discomfort.

Now the cane. "Do I have to?" Yes, she does, if she wants that taxi money. He calls for the car, then lays on about 10 strokes. "Oh, God. Oh, God." Nearly naked Beatrice is very unhappy and so gets fewer strokes, but mission completed.

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