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Caned for the Gallery

45 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/14/09

An average and unimaginative CalStar, with the actor Micahael Dawes, and mixing a bit of explicit sex with the spanking process. Dawes plays Mr. Simons, an art collector who wants to sell a painting to raise cash. He calls a gallery, and two attractive girls visit to view the painting and assess a price for purchase.

The girls offer far less than Simons expected, to his disappointment. They notice paddles and a cane on the mantelpiece under the painting and ask about them. "It's a little hobby of mine." Simons suggests he'll sell at their price if they will take "a little spanking and caning." These girls are either (1) titillated by the idea of a spanking, or (2) willing to 'take one for the gallery,' so to speak, to get the price down.

No matter: "Who wants to go first?" The brunette, solid, full-figured, pulls up her skirt for Simons to have a look and goes OTK. The spanking and gradual removal of her clothes are unremarkable. This is not punishment; she is meant to be actively participating. Simons spreads her buttocks, squeezes her breasts, and frigs her at length along the way, having sensed her willingness. During the paddling, at one point, apparently unscripted, she jumps up and mutters, "Owww, fuck!" "Sore, Miselle?" And quietly, "Just a bit." After the floppy paddle, which Simons describes as: "My wife doesn't like this one. It stings more," the cane is deployed. 14 strokes, touching toes, then 6, naked in the diaper position on the couch. Nasty. Her gallery should be proud.

The blonde is next to be spanked, OTK. Simons likes her bottom--"It's firm, this one." Miselle sits nude, playing with herself aggressively, while her friend's bare bottom is attended to. The blonde is mantelpiec'd, spanked, and paddled, legs wide. Miselle kneels below her and masturbates her as the spanking proceeds. Sensory overload for CalStar. And finally the cane, about 18 strokes, hard, with major welts and weals developing and closeups of the cane-strike.

The final bare bottom side-by-side comparison: the blonde looks like a train wreck compared to brunette Miselle. Is this individual sensitivities, or some fakery? We don't ned to resolve this.

The girls dress, pay for the painting, take the package, exchange kisses, and leave. Simons goes into storage, hangs a duplicate painting, and is seen calling another gallery. It is hard to imagine the girls could tolerate another whipping at the gallery when it is discovered what they have bought.

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