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Caned in their Knickers

year: 2000
53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/4/10

A fruitful and entertaining storyline found around the trade--girls who model panties. Of course, in our world these girls need to get into trouble too. CalStar does a nice job here on its simple budget.

The actress Tiffany Jones runs the models for "Mr. Grace." We watch the girls trying on various pairs of panties, providing the voyeuristic glimpses we covet.

The company has been displeased with the girls' sales results. "We've brought discipline into the've heard of it, girls, Mr. Grace has asked that you be spanked and caned, in his knickers." If you have a panty fetish, stay on the line.

The girls don't appear to desire to file any complaints with the labor board. A tidy trim brunette goes OTK first. Jones spanks on Grace's black panties. The second model, a blonde, holds her still. Jones peels down the pants slowly. Nothing much happenng here except good scenery. The brunette mutters some disparaging remark about the quality of Mr. Grace's panties, which sets off Jones. "We'll go straight to the caning."

The brunette kneels on the couch. The caning has to be on knickers for starters. The new labels stick out. About 15 very hard strokes--about as hard as you might see at CalStar. Models are always quiet at CalStar during canings to permit editing repeats. You might argue here the wind was knocked out of her also. [a motorcycle gets on the soundtrack and into the repeats]. Plenty of weals show, low, wide, and wild. The company knickers come down and another dozen strokes are shown. An entertaining session.

And, believe it, she isn't finished. Jones steers her to the couch. "More? many more?" "I haven't quite decided." It is about 20 more. This model's bottom will attract some remarks on the next runway she walks. "I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Grace came in for an inspection."

The little blonde has been watching, but surely not pissing in the company pants. "Swap you over, then." Same procedure. Moderate handspanking. Panties down, an excellent round bottom and views into the core of things. A nice touch--the blonde must stare at the brunette's blotched bottom as Jones whales away.

"You know what comes next. Bend over." On the couch, panties back up, 15 strokes on the cloth. Panties down, then 30 more shown, rockets. The blonde has a difficult time staying in position. For some reason, Tiffany Jones canes harder than she spanks. [more traffic noises] Another full 30 strokes shown, hands flat on the couch.

Both bottoms displayed for comparison. These girls should be cured and consent to "try harder." Jones hands them the "new range" of panties. You wince with them as they slide them on.

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