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Caned into the Record Books

42 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/20/10

This is a spanking video where spanking is the end in itself, not punishment. Three schoolgirls in full kit. One will spank the other two, to see if they can take the initiation required to join a girls' club. All the participants here are willing, eager, and curious to explore the sensations, and they talk about it.

Rachel, a thin blonde, will spank both Holly and Lucy to determine their pain thresholds. The set is unimaginative. CalStar has pulled the furniture out of an office, left phones on the floor, and brought in a few chairs and stools. Rachel will spank Holly first, another pretty blonde in pigtails. OTK she goes, handspanking on elegant white silk panties. Lucy, played by the charming teener Rebekah Jordan, had gone out for "equipment" or "implements." She returns with an armload and is a little disappointed--"Started without me, have you?"

Rachel explains--they talk a lot while they spank--that at the club the more spankings you take the more free drinks, but "Nothing is really free, is it?" Holly's perfect smooth bottom is bare now, getting redder and hotter, to everyone's amusement. She lies arching over a low stool, full length, hanging onto the legs for balance, a provocative position.

Rachel uses the oval paddle. Lucy sits at her face and holds her. "You're not going to cry, are you?" Rachel: "Are you ready to give up?" "No." Then she makes a remark we have always suspected about this oft-filmed oval paddle. "This one is a bit spongy." Lucy (Rebekah) is so cute in her schoolgirl outfit and pigtails that the camera sneaks back to her face, even though her bottom is not on display yet.

Rachel switches to the floppy leather paddle. Crack. "That makes a lot of noise." More bottom checking, Lucy stops to feel Holly--"nice and hot." As Rachel gets the cane, Holly and Lucy exchange a steamy French kiss. Still prone over the stool, Holly takes about 20 strokes--welts are visible immediately.

Halfway, it is the cunning Lucy's turn. She is OTK, eager, "no problem," a beautiful tight-pantied tush. Handspanking; at the club "they hit much harder than this." Holly steps around and pulls Lucy's panties down, a true unveiling. The oval paddle over the stool. A higher kneeling position causes quivers. "You're making my legs shake."

Rachel shifts to the tawse. Holly seeks parity and wants Rachel to smack her harder and "across the whole bottom." Everybody is 100% into the action. Holly positions her red bottom next to Lucy's as the whipping continues. "Not red enough, Lucy, still a little pink."

And finally the cane. "Ready?" 20+ strokes, a few wild ones. Lucy's thighs are open--she is definitely excited.

To conclude the giggling girls grab Rachel. "It's only fair." "Shall we go straight to the cane with pants down?" Why not, you will shout with us. Three beauties, a nice job, and about the CP science itself.

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