Caned In Wet Panties

F/f Time: 18 minutes

Simple fare; brief; nice and biting; no nonsense. Poor quality filming; one of those cheap hotel room settings with traffic noises outside; but we're here for the spanking, and our little lady is going to get it. Scene opens with a whimpering little blonde, standing panties down in the bathroom. A stern woman barks at her to come into the bedroom, and bring the cane. She keeps up an annoying prompted sob while the dour woman, ostensibly her mother, drags her OTK. A mild struggle ensues as the young lady is spanked, bare-bottom. You can see how she got this job- a nice round, full tush, on a cute little body, an asset which surely served her well in her future. Closeups are wonderful.

She is made to take off her dress and stand in an undershirt (vest) with her pants half-down--helpless and submissive and a fascinating pose. Next she must lower the pants, kneel up on the bed, and open her legs a bit, because it's time for the cane. First, 4 good strokes; nice closeup of twitching cheeks and cute countable freckles. The cane strokes are zingers; she jumps off the bed, probably because, oddly, the woman has poor aim; I'll bet the cane strokes hurt more than they intended. She hands the girl a pair of lacy shorts; she's to wet them in the bathroom sink, put them on, anf get back in position.

We must listen her whimpering as she soaks and stuggles into the wet pants, which is fun to watch, and we're happy to see they're almost transparent. The next cane stroke is memorable, splat on wet cloth. nice closeups of weals and stripes, rubbing and grabbing. More soaking, more caning. Finally she is made to lay flat on the bed, bare of bottom, very vulnerable, for more of the cane. Nice loud strokes, wonderful camera angles, and another illustration of the actress's qualities. In the bathroom for another soaking, she keeps her modesty covered. There is a fluffy wink when she returns to the bed for more of the cane and then a final OTK on those wet knickers and a nice look at her pretty, miserable face. And then she must stand in the corner for us to have a slow look. Always an appreciated conclusion.

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