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Caned in Wet Panties 1

18 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 5/30/08

Possibly the original in this thematic series, an empirical pursuit of the theorem that it hurts more to be spanked on a wet bottom. Here, a demure actress plays Vicky, who has been "playing truant" and is to be spanked by her mother.

Vicky does some silly squawking and crying throughout, but the marks look authentic to us. First, mother takes her OTK on the bed, panties down immediately. Vicky puts up an authenitc struggle, while our cameraman keeps focus on the key subject matter. "Stop it, Mommy!" She must strip for the cane, down to undershirt and panties. Kneeling on the bed, Mommy gives her four cane strokes. Vicky's response is loud and convincing. When her pants come down, there are two freckles, which are fun to watch as the event progresses.

Mother gives Vicky sexy lace shorts to soak wet and put on. A hard cane stroke on the bed seems to have broken some skin. A sweet bathroom scene as Vicky rewets the panties in the sink, good closeups of weals. More caning on the bed; back to the sink, then more strokes on the bed.

At the conclusion, sweet Vicky is cornered so we can study her striped bottom; Mommy can't resist a peek at the director to ensure all is well. This is a very simple oeuvre, but authentic and fun. The "splat" on bamboo on wet skin is a major part of the excitement.

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