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Caned in Wet Panties 2

58 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 7/23/10

A standard office spanking scenario, with experienced actresses, and the wrinkle of wet knickers. The actress Stephanie, whose uninhibited stroke production we have come to admire (Lady Vernon, Youth Hostel Capers, others), plays Miss Williams, a solicitor/attorney. She employs some effective methods to maintain performance levels in the office.

Blond Miss Perkins (actress Sam Johnson) has failed to redraft a document and so earns the same punishment that the document describes for Davina, an inheritor in a will. That of course is a "thorough spanking and caning." Perkins is submissive and strips off her jacket and skirt to show her black bra, garter belt, and stockings, and white panties stretched over the bottom which kept this actress in bookings.

"Miss Williams, is this really necessary?" OTK, a slow steady handspanking. We are in the familiar brick-walled set, so the crack of flesh-on-flesh reverberates. Williams pulls the panties down. "This gives me better access." Rather understated, we thought. Perkins stands and retrieves the strap from a wall hook, supplying the obligatory frontals for us. She bends over in front of the fireplace, presenting the marquee shot of a full, round, perfect bottom. She takes full-swing loud cracks with the strap. Stephanie's snapping surgical precision on full display.

"The last part of your punishment...soak your knickers in the bathroom..put them on..return quickly." There is a nice bare-bottom bathroom sink scene, a highlight in each of the "Wet Panties" episodes we have seen. Perkins pulls on the wet panties with such style you can almost hear the squeaks of wet cloth and the snap of elastic.

Perkins: "Why do you insist on them being wet, Miss Williams?" "Because it hurts so much more." Back in front of the fireplace, white pants stuck to her cheeks, 12 hard slow strokes. Actress Johnson is brave. There are sniffles.

"You will take the rest of your punishment without rubbing your bottom...pull your panties down." Top-flight erotic moment--Perkins' bottom fully red and almost pulsating on the screen. Knees wide to stretch the pants, she takes five hard ones on the bare, then is sent off to finish the transcript draft.

In a new segment, Miss Williams confronts her client Davinia, a small hostile-looking blonde who does not seem to want the supervision Solicitor Williams must supply. Such an assignment--Davinia will receive 10,000 pd per month from her grandmother's estate, but only if her attorney Miss Williams gives Davinia a caning, one a month, forty strokes! What a granddaughter she must have been. She debates, but just for a moment.

The first caning will be right now. Davinia has some experience with corporal punishment--she asks to be spanked first--"because it takes the pain away." Williams is clearly excited by the task--OTK, skirt up, touch toes, eyes throw daggers at Williams.

The caning starts, first a half-dozen on her pants. She is then sent to the office bathroom, she is directed out and down the hall, to "wet your knickers thoroughly." Back in place, she takes about 15 strokes. The third stroke is off-mark. "That's too high," she says, out of character, and they keep on going. Such candid moments are worth the search through hours of CalStar.

As pleasant as the sound of rattan on soaked cotton has been, Williams has her pull down her pants, hands flat on a chair. "Arch your back." Very sexy. About 30 strokes, achieving the required forty, nice angles, repeats, legs open, sweet display, closeups. An erotic caning.

At the conclusion, she gets a few more, very hard, panties back up. She is then sent to a receptionist for her 10,000 pd check and an appointment for next month. An entertaining thought, to contemplate the formatting of these monthly appearances.

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