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Caned in Wet Panties 3

Time: 48 minutes
year: 2002
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 9/7/07

A trite reiteration of this time-honored concept, saved because (1) the two young ladies here did well in their bare-bottom audition before getting the parts, and (2) wet panties are never a problem. An angry mother, Mrs. Fiacoff, calls school and complains her daughter has been bullied. The Headmistress admits the girls are out of control and arranges for the culprits to visit Fiacoff.

Two skylarking fully-outfitted schoolgirls ring at Fiacoff's apartment. She confronts them with their bullying of her daughter; they are cavalier and bemused until they hear Fiacoff has called their parents and has permission to punish. Presumably the skin on their bottoms is tingling. Fiacoff shows a stack of spanking implements at-hand. It's going to be: "over my knee for a good bare bottom spanking," then "you're going to get a caning on your wet panties." "Oh, not that. It hurts more." Isn't it wonderful? British girls know all about these things.

A pretty blonde, Williams, is first--she volunteers--to move the process along. She goes OTK, for a long handspanking, on her little skirt, then skirt up, then pants down, as promised. "Not on my bare bottom, please." Lovely varied angles of a perfect bottom--high, firm, prominent. It's the star of the show. Her brunette associate is sniggering. Doesn't she know the plan for the second half of this video? At a pause in the spanking: "Is that it, then?" "No you're going to receive some paddle across your bottom." Williams bends over a chair--a leather paddle produces some quick bruises. She tries to cover her bottom, while delightfully keeping her panties stretched tight between spread legs. Two snappier paddles--more red marks.

"Cane time." She's sent to soak her panties--we watch her pinked naked bottom depart and stand over the sink. When she pulls them on, of course it's: "Ahh, freezing cold!" Back over the chair , about 20 loud cane shots across the tight/wet white pants. Then 5 with pants down.

"Right then, Millicent, your turn." She's an attractive pageboy brunette, wearing fetching black stockings below her naughty skirt. OTK for a handspanking on the skirt and then on nice white knickers, then on pretty bare cheeks. She colors up and white welts appear quickly. "Not laughing now, are we?" When she goes over the chair, she flashes a tawny mohawk. After the same three paddles she too is blotched and bruised.

"Time for the cane now." The same cute soaking process---"Ooh, cold." 10 hard cane strokes. Fiacoff has a bit of a gleam in her eye and a practiced wrist-snap. Slight trace of blood through the wet panties. 7 more with pants at the knees and we're done.

The girls are made to do some PT, because that's how they tormented Fiacoff's daughter; unfortunately they're fully dressed at this point. But we need a "final bottom inspection," pants-down side by side, well-lit leisurely view of these well-cast young ladies.

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