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Caned on Her First Day

Time: 52 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/23/10

A production company we have little experience with. This is the standard schoolgirl classroom formula, with much more talk and posturing than needed; however, the punishment is sharp and firm, and the poor young ladies are appealing.

An actress Miss Gillian Lancer (AKA Miss Hastings) plays a severe and no-nonsense headmistress, dealing wiith three girls in a fully equipped classroom. The first girl, cute pigtailed blonde Mandy Jones, reports: "So, in trouble again." She must get the punishment book for Miss GL, goes OTK, regulation dark knickers down, for a short ineffective handspanking. But here is a nice bottom we hope to see again.

Penny Thompson, a tawny/blonde ponytailed, bouncy prefect, enters with an Asian girl, Su. Su has been all messed up on her first day at school. "She needs to learn, short and sharp." As Penny watches, Miss GL takes her OTK, bright blue knickers down, round hard bottom, firm handspanking. "Oh, don't start blubbering, girl." Part of the clean up--Penny brings her a proper uniform and we witness a long undressing and redressing.

"You need to sharpen yourself up, girl." She is back OTK for a brief handspanking. Thompson explains the "rules" to Su and then canes her herself, just 6, cute bottle-green knickers down. Miss GL listens through the door and will get her chance later.

Scene change 4 PM: Miss GL is back on Su's case, threatening to call her guardian. Su bends over a desk and takes 20 cane strokes, all with her knickers on, with repeats from several angles. With knickers down, there are another 20 strokes shown. Short, sharp wicked little strokes there are. Lots of choking tears. Su thinks she is finished and tries to pull up her pants, which costs her another 10. Lovely views of her well-lit bottom, waiting between strokes.

Prefect Penny returns and Miss GL informs her she too has earned a spanking. OTK in a hurry, pants down, for a very short spanking. Su watches from over her shoulder, against the wall. Miss GL is going to leave the girls on parade and uses a classroom stapler to hold up their skirts, but their pants don't come down.

Scene change Summer Term: The three girls are back in Miss GL's classroom at their desks, getting lectured. Prefect Thompson has forgotten her homework and earns strokes of the tawse on her palms. Little blonde Mandy snickers so she will be spanked, just a few strokes, on her knickers. Thus endth this rather gratuitous final scene.


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