Caned Prefect

35 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 12/31/10

Resilient actress Brigella will face some major music in this performance. [as soon as the aircraft passes overhead] She plays a schoolgirl prefect, very Catholic in her red jumper, confronted by a faculty member for various infractions. She is going to forfeit her prefecture and a layer or two of skin on her bottom. She is shown the cane.

There will be "no preamble," no warmup. Skirt up, pants down. "I will deliver them in batches of six."

These cane batches are very hard, and we saw no evidence of disguising their ferocity. One batch of six, then a second six, which Brigellla counts aloud, in a slightly weakening voice. After she is allowed to rub, she counts out a third and fourth set of six strokes, a tearful gasping heard. Another rub. "This is what we do to bullies in this school." Tears drip from her face onto the floor.

The fifth set of six is shown as we watch her face and 6 more with her bottom on-screen, 36 in all, and we were impressed. She is dismissed to change out of her prefect's uniform into a Sixth Form outfit and return to face punishment for another offense.

Brigella has been caught cheating. This time, it will be the strap, a Scottish lochgelly, and the cane. The teacher raises her skirt and pulls down her pants. There is no evidence of the previous caning, understandable in that it is hard to imagine how the punishment which follows could be superimposed on that. She takes almost 40 strokes of the heavy leather lochgelly, moderatelhy hard, with the weight of the implement doing the work. Brigella sings out the last 6.

She bends over the back of a straight chair, knowing full well with her experience how erotic a pose this can be. About 15 strokes of the cane. "I'm going to give you the final six...count them..arch your back." Six zingers, the last stroke very high on her bottom, probably unintended. She is now quivering reflexively and cannot control herself, a reaction to severe punishment you will see from time to time. Heavy stuff.

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