Caned Secretaries

time: 64 minutes
Review by MARS posted 11/5/10

Another discovery of our charming, courageous spanking actress Alison Payne with a blonde friend of hers in a simple unadorned office setting. Spanking combined with overt sex. Tracy (Alison) and blond Sharon find spanking implements, a huge cucumber, and try some lesbisn playtime in the office at lunch--nudity, sex play, spanking, etc. Tracy is dressed in jeans and a loose flannel shirt, which can't hide smouldering contents.

Two guys in the office, bosses with leverage, discover them. This is too good to be true--two partially naked girls en flagrante in the office. Sharon demonstrates spanking Tracy. It's silly--"That's not spanking."

The guy demonstrates on Tracy--one guy straps her and the other gives her a baker's dozen with the cane on her tight jeans. Tracy takes her jeans down and the guys put her in the corner. A bare-bottom Alison always gets us through the week--there are only a few to remotely compare.

The two guys turn their attention to the blonde, with Tracy's pink world class tush in the background. Sharon is spanked and bared. Tracy is sent off to lunch, because matters are going to escalate here and maybe witnesses are not helpful.

Bill (the younger) and a Ponytail guy spank, strap, paddle, and cane her, getting her clothes off to display enough body for both of them, fondling and manipulating as they go. "She got off on that," one observes. And she responds: "I think you got off on that." So let's do it.

The Ponytail sucks her nipples while Bill frigs and tongues from the rear. (Tracy/Alison returns from lunch, peeks in, feigns shock, but will not join in.) The Ponytail seats himself and Sharon begins a blowjob. Bill gets on the floor beneath her to do his part. The men switch places, the cucumber is employed as you would have expected, and the general melee devolves. Someone must have concluded, but we didn't see it.

Fade to the "Next Day." Bill knew Tracy would be peeking. "You're going to get it today...stand up!" OTK, skirt, white panties, as only Alison can wear them. Both actors took the trouble to change clothes for the scene change, frequently overlooked. Hard, spirited handspanking. Shots of Alison's pretty face and abundant Irish light brown hair. She kicks her feet in large white platform heels, a fashion suggesting a 10 year age to this video.

Alison stands and rubs while Bill gets his implements. "My bottom feels nice and warm." "Take your skirt off...NOW!" "Take your pants off." She objects, but just briefly, showing us a trace of pubic fuzz. She kneels on a chair, ready for the cane, just a spectacular sight. Almost 50 full-swing cane strokes are shown, various views, probably repeats, top-notch work. This actress' twitching, gasping, and posturing are without peer. The caning scene lasts about 16 minutes.

Bill and Alison hug at the conclusion and he reaches down to fondle her bottom in the process.

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