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Caned With Honors

30 minutes
Guest Review by Collector (posted 11/16/07)

A simple productive premise--tutors use the cane to motivate their students. "Miss Brown," a cunningly cute ingenue long-blonde haired schoolgirl, not to be confused with the formidable CalStar Domme in other videos, is confronted for poor schoolwork. She needs to buckle down and stop galavanting about. "But I have to go out. I get so horny." The attractive tutor/schoolmarm picks up on this for sure, and suggests that time-honored alternate solution. "Discipline?" Brown portrays innocent shock at the thought, but is convinced to go OTK, skirt up, for a handspanking on her white panties. The schoolmarm is impatient, so the pants are quickly tugged down. "Ooh." Brown fidgets delightfully and the camera capitalizes on glimpses she gives us. When the schoolmarm is finished with this handspanking phase, Brown is made to stand and face us, just for the view, confirming she is a tawny natural blonde.

Brown is ordered to take her clothes off, and it is a delight to watch. This nifty little blonde does a marvelous job of conveying the embarassment of what it must be like to strip naked in a school office. We've seen her before, in "English Compromise" and "Thou Shalt Not Forgive," where in both she is similarly convincing in her distress when her big moments come. Here in the office, she is now paddled over two different desks. Great camera work for a beautiful bottom. She's starting to get desperate; "I'll stop playing with myself, really." She beseeches us in the camera as if to say--"You believe me, don't you?" We're certainly not convinced. More paddling, with a stiff spanker, nice firm cracks, Brown cries out and asks to rub. "OK to rub, but only you.

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