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Caning After Hours

Year: 1997
14 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR - Posted 10/22/10

Another lucky discovery of the actress identified as Alison Payne, likely made during her Moonglow years; if we accept the biographical data on the Moonglow site, she was 22 years old here. This segment is one complete episode, a brief spanking without extended plot lines. However, Alison's presence guarantees satisfaction.

Alison plays a teenager who borrows the family car with permission from her mother's boyfriend Andy, then staggers home tipsy after the agreed curfew. "Andy," a middle-aged actor who hides his dirty-old-man inclinations behind sophisticated demeanor and educated ad-lib, is no fool, having certainly noticed the equipment on Alison. He videotapes her stumbling arrival, muttering with undisguised anticipation. "I don't think spanking will be enough."

Andy sits, slapping his palm with a spanking strap, and confronts Alison. "I said there would be trouble." "Why do I have to take a dose of....that?" That Irish brogue! Alison is convinced to accept his spanking if Andy won't tell her mother.

OTK she goes, her jersey dress is rucked up, and the sensational bottom which has kept her working is on display. It is either us or the camera that shakes,the sight is so compelling. Andy begins a handspanking, harder here than last we saw from this actor, because Alison is a tough, albeit beautiful, cookie. White panties down, she jiggles and gasps in her memorable style. Here, and often throughout this brief spanking, the camera keeps her bottom full-screen.

"Take your knickers off...pull your dress up...go upstairs and put your nightie on." Alison turns to face us, fully intending to provide a leisurely inspection of her downy thatch. She keeps her Irish brown eyes in our direction.

Alison returns in a white silk nightie. Andy has a cane. Alison is directed to bend over and pull the nightie tight over her bottom--she demurely questions the procedure. She often chatters in a conversational tone even in the middle of a terrific spanking. 6 strokes on the nightie.

"Pull your skirt up, I want to see your bare bottom." Another five-star study of this treasure. Alison leans over the back of a straight chair. She is supposed to count out 12, but for various infractions, she gets 15. (It should be recalled in a Moonglow production of this period, she took ONE HUNDRED.)

Long hold on her bare bottom at the conclusion. Then, who could resist? Andy tap-taps her covered bottom with the cane as she heads off to bed.

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