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Caning All Hours

29 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/24/09

A simple exercise compiled in the "Tales of the Rod" series; a small shopowner catches a very sweet-looking yound blond girl shoplifting. She has a heavy Russian accent. In other videos, we might have an immigration violation, but here simple larceny will do the trick.

The crusty older guy--we have full-scale ageplay here, takes her into the backroom of the store. Her "sorry" is not good enough. Her body-searches her, coat off, a hand down her skirt yields another candy bar. He feels her breasts and pulls her skirt down, all the while threatening the police. "No, please."

She can hardly speak or understand English. He is going to "deal with you the old fashioned way," which she comes to comprehend and chokes out an acceptance of "punish."

This sweet Slavic blonde probably has learned how to barter her body. She goes OTK, the shopowner rolls her skirt up and goes to work on her black panties. "All day today you are staying in my shop."

Pants down, a fine smooth bottom. The handspanking is moderate and sort of faked, high strokes but light hits. A sweet target and gentle face though, and she keeps her flowing bond hair pushed away so we can enjoy her discomfort.

The geezer pervert shopowner makes her stand, take off her shoes, skirt, panties, and last her top, so she is stark naked. Resigned and submissive, OTK again, legs spread.

When he has completed this phase, she stands, to show us a manicured mohawk. Now some nude PT for purposes of humiliation--run in place, touch toes, and jumping jacks. Difficult to overpraise nude PT.

He is going to take all day. Bend-over the chair, "open your legs a bit." More moderate ineffective strokes with a heavy leather embossed strap. He torments her--she must come by the store "every week, and you'll please me, girl. Do you understand?" She must agree that she knows what "please me" means.

We'll finish for today. He shows her the cane. "This is what girls get." Back over the straight chair, naked, oblique angles highlight hanging breasts. Over 30 strokes, including repeats, and much harder than some of the tapping spanks. A few strokes are wild-low. She is sent upstairs naked to wait for him. Inexplicably, we enjoy these little fetish exercises.

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