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Caning Competition

Time:32 minutes
Starring:Sophie Fennington, Kate Westbrook, Mr. Jarvis

There are a few poignant reviews around of this Oldie, a short training film no CP fan should miss. '70's or early '80's I'd guess. Sophie hadn't started to shave.

These two lovely girls, both long-stemmed blondes, report separately in expensive cars to a house where they've agreed to be caned, in a challenge to see who can take the most. It is delicious to watch them arrive, high heels clicking across the cobblestone. Sophie wears sexy black lace-trimmed pedal pushers and a black top. Kate wears skimpy cut-off jeans, showing cheeks she's soon be needing to hide.

There is virtually no dialgoue; we'll see 66 full-swing strokes. Mr. Jarvis succinctly states the purpose of the exercise. Both girls acknowledge (none too gleefully, I thought), turn and kneel on chair seats. Jarvis at first lays six hard cane strokes on Sophie's clothed bottom. Not a sound did I hear her utter, nor did she move a muscle. Kate gets her identical six next, maybe a bit higher up because her cutoffs show a lot of skin, and we're at a lovely camera angle, from slightly below.

They stand. The official announcement: "Take your trousers down." Both pull down their pants. No panties- a nice surprise. We watch each lovely bottom come into view. Sophie is pale white with six stripes showing. Kate's firm hard bottom is tan with no marks visible.

The second round of six strokes, on bare bottoms noiw and from here on, is just as hard. A clinic--if you want to study the wrist-snap, timing, and spacing. Not a peep from Sophie. Kate may flinch and squeak a little.

For the third round of six strokes, the camera has shifted from the left to the right, and from this new angle, our bottoms are cast in a new light; we can see heavy lines, weals, and blisters on both bottoms; this stoically taken fusillade has been taking its painful toll. And Katie's beautiful bottom has begun trembling just a bit. They each take six more. Twelve beautiful cracking sounds.

Mr. Jarvis is impressed with these girls as we are. Round four of six strokes, all on the bare, kneeling on the chair, produces purple bruises on Sophie's soft white cheeks and little squeaks from Kate.

Round five moves to a grand piano, over which the girls are bent. "Are we ready for the second half of the challenge?" You hear the faintest desperate acquiescence. Six more cracks to each bottom. Kate is still visibly gasping.

Round six at the piano: Sophie takes her dose; she is a welted mess by now; when it is Kate's turn: "I concede." Sophie is given some cream to squirt on Kate's banged-up bottom; its cold contact produces a cute linttle flinch. We have a leisurely frontal view of the nude Sophie as she massages Kate's cheeks. Sophie catches our eye in the camera. Kate's bottom is held in closeup through two slow and meticulous applications of ointment. Kate is entranced as Sophie works her fingers in the right places. A British reviewer thought Sophie needed the massage more, which seems true given her pale buttocks, but there were no losers here.

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