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Caning Engagement

32 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/13/09

A video we have sought, because CalStar's "Brian" does his magic on the bottom of a stunning brunette, who does as complete an acting job as we need in this genre. There is an articulated plot, with a demonstrably good reason for a sound spanking, which helps justify the surrender of this magnificent girl. Davina and Brian are engaged to be married, making wedding arrangements, but Davina has had an affair with the baker, Mr. Jennngs. Brian: "I'm going to give you corporal punishment, like I used to get in school."

Davina is sent to the "left wing" of the house; in fact we see views of a country manor big enough to have a left wing. Wonderful shots of a sexy, slinky fully-clothed Davina ambling off to a fate she seems familiar with. Tight short white dress, plenty of body. Brian gathers an armload of spanking implements--another one of those fully equipped British domiciles.

Davina pulls up her skirt, bends over showing white panties, garter belt, and stockings, "assuming the position," and waits for Brian. He arrives and she positions herself elegantly OTK. "Bottom right up now." "Please don't hurt me." There follows a slow but rigorous handspanking, with the customary fondles, Davina presenting one of the more fascinating targets we've seen in a while, mainly for the way she acts reluctant, guilty, and willing, all at once. The white silk knickers are slowly tugged down. "It is more satisfying spanking you on your bare bottom." Lovely camera angles--front, closeup rear, unhappy face. "How could you do such a thing, with the baker?!" We revel in the behavior of this naughty girl.

More fondles, and Brian works her thighs apart for our benefit. "It's not fun anymore. You're hurting me." Brian has her stand, remove her skirt, top, and bra, and face us, in just her garter belt and stockings. What a keeper! Over a chest she goes, for the familiar oval leather paddle. Brian says with relish: "You're going to be taking the rod soon." The paddling is hard but still preparatory, and the posture provides the full catalogue of intimate glimpses. "One final flurry before we get to my favorite part."

Davina has a difficult time standing still. We are granted a leisurely frontal look while the purpose of the cane is explained. "Go to the bed and bend over." There follow 12 snappy strokes, several pretty camera angles, and repeats, but she marks up nicely, and is as miserable as we are entertained. She jumps in surprise at the first stroke. She has gone quiet, except for her screeches of pain. Lovely closeup of a twisted, pitiful, tear-streaked, beautiful face--surely acting, but helped along by an insistent cane. "I'm so sorry." "Just bend over for a final few."

Half-dozen more. Davina's devastated, but Brian is triumphant, and we are cheering.

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