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Caning International 1 and 2

time:53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/3/09

Thanks to fellow reviewer Ludwig, we saw that the lady-disciplinarian is the redoubtable Lady Vernon; she is continually delightfully as mean and uncompromising as her peers. See our and others' comments on the Lady Vernon series.

Here she has supervisory control over girls working in a missionary program. With a boss like this, whatever happens on the field-part of the job would be cake. Mary, a nubile blonde, has been doing un-diplomatic things with a local Prince. "Me?"

"You're going to be punished right now...I'm going to wipe that smile off your face." Mary squawks loudly during her OTK handspanking, skirt up, flowered panties on display. It's a hard rhythmic sequence. "We'll take these down to make your punishment complete." She tugs the panties down slowly--she knows how important this is.

"Remove your clothing." A long frontal look at abundant Miss Mary, who seems a bit amused. Lady V, to give her a name, then applies a paddle and a stiff 18" long leather spanker lent by the "Prince" himself, a tool which always ends any banter on the set. She kneels on a straight chair, bare, and is almost knocked off by Lady V's full swings.

More of the "big spanker" over the table. Mary is shocked and jumps up to rub, between full-bodied whacks. There is an unmistakalbe dirty look cast from Mary to Lady Vernon, as if to say: this wasn't explained to me.

The natural progression to the cane. Naked, touch toes, almost 20 strokes with repeats are nicely covered from all angles. This Lady V is a mean hombre. The very quiet Mary strives to cover up. "Remove your hands from your bottom." She stands nude, facing us, while Lady V gives her a stern warning about what happens the next time. Can we be there?

In Part II, Marnie, an Indian girl and one of the refugees, is summoned to Lady Vernon's office, which does not look like a hospitable place, what with paddles, straps, and canes hanging on the walls.

Marnie has been hoarding food, not a good caring thing to do in this destitute country. So a good spanking is in order. There are the questions about who gave her the food and what she has been doing to acquire it.

OTK she goes, collegiate khaki skirt up to display black panties. "Please don't. Is this necessary?" Guess it is, because the pants come right down. Some paddles off the wall join the fun.

"I want you to remove your clothing." When she has stripped, she faces us, hands on head, in so much trouble. She leans on a chair seat. "Up on your toes." This posture tightens the legs and buttock muscles and is a stuggle to hold when the spanking comes. The paddling is hard here, the sobbing unmistakable. Marnie is to be spanked until she gives up the name of the person who is her cohort in the food hoarding. A large stiff round paddle is really a problem for her; tears are visible, but she won't talk.

Lady Vernon shifts to the cane. "No, please, I'm begging you." "Prepare yourself, girl." About 20--hard whippy shots, repeats. Noticeable marks on her round, admirable bottom; she is very brave and doesn't give up any names, but the news is not good--same time and place tomorrow for more of the same.

We'd ask you doubters of CalStar's intensity to check in on Lady Vernon or Miss Brown, or a Miss Chambers.

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