Starring: Miss Granger Reggie as Mr. Barker, the office manager
Running Time: approx. 50 minutes
Review by Katrina

Miss Granger is a petite redhead. I must make this point because when I first saw the screen shots for this video it looked as if she was under-age. Here was this man spanking this little girl. Well, actually, Miss Granger, while being a girl, is not so little after all. OK, now that it is said we can get on with the film.

The film opens with the star, Miss Granger (who never seems to have a first name by the way) returning to the office on a Saturday. Apparently she has been summoned by the office manager in response to her lax performance of her duties. She had the audacity to go out and have her nails done and thereby waste time that was needed to deal with an important client. The client has decided to refer his case someplace else. The office lost a client because Miss Granger was having herself primped and now the office manager must terminate her contract.

OK. I am sure that we have seen this type of film before. Yes, it is another "take a spanking or loose your job" type of film. It seems that every video company makes one of these and this is Paradox's version of that old stand-by.

As soon as she walks into the manager's office she starts to apologize for the loss of the client. This is her first mistake because the manager is not accepting the apology on face value. He wants something to take to the "board" to represent that she has been punished for loosing the client. She tries to convince him that they will get other clients; that her absence was not that long; and it is not her fault. He is not there to listen to her pathetic excuses.

Then come the magical lines "I will do anything to make it up... Please.... Please.... Is there anything that I can do to make it up to you?" This is her second mistake. She is setting herself up for a punishment session, but this is a spanking video after all, so perhaps it is just as well.

The manager thinks about the situation and then comes to the statement "I can not see any other way but to terminate you .... Or, perhaps there is another way." He notes that she went to a convent school and asks her if something like this was ever used on her, while he shows her a cane. Yes, it seems that it was. She was caned twice; once on the hands for smoking and once on the bottom for sneaking her boyfriend into her room. Oh, how lovely for a setup. He suggests that he cane her to teach her to be at the office on time.

A little more discussion finally leads to he saying "I think now is as good a time as any" to start the spanking. When he went to school, the master would always "warm up their bottoms" with a good spanking. He proposes to do the same. He sits down and she drapes herself across his lap. The skirt seems a bit thick and he tries to lift it amidst her complaints. He starts over her full cut panties. After a few swats you can tell that her bottom is already starting to get red. She asks "how much more" in between the "ows". Well, we have just started.

After about another dozen slaps (slow, full, and regular), he asks if she was punished on her bare bottom. Well, it seems that she was punished once in that manner. As he slowly slips her panties down to just below the cheeks, you can obviously tell that her bottom has become flush. It is red where he hit it. A small amount of complements regarding her posterior and he starts to spank it again. When he has the bare bottom, he begins to spank her in earnest. His strokes are full, and hard. Her bottom turns bright red almost immediately. He intends to make an impression on her and her bottom.

Finally, she is let up as she manages to stand and smooth down her dress. "Is this all?" she hopes. He tells her, "I think that we will have that dress off." No, Miss Granger, it is not all when he helps her off with the dress and she again lies down over his lap. Down go the panties again. Again, he continues to rain pain on her bottom.

By the time that she has a set of "roasted chestnuts on her bonnets", it is now time for her to change into a school girl outfit. He decides to have a few ounces of his favorite whiskey. She returns with a starched white blouse, a tie, a short skirt and knee-high socks and trainers.

He decided that she needed "the devil's tongue ... the tawse." She kneels on the chair and raises her skirt. He pulls down her blue school knickers. (Apparently, most of the redness has already faded; too bad.) Reggie proceeds to apply some face powder to her cheeks. Oh, gee, Reggie, that's nice but a cold compress would be better. She is to count the six and thank him for each one.

"One thank you Mr. Barker", she says as the first one lands. It is not very hard and he does not follow through with the stroke. In fact, he does not follow through with any of them. Oh well, perhaps this is not the main event. She makes it to all six.

The main event is coming now. As she gets up, she must remove her skirt, knickers, tie, blouse, and bra. This leaves her wearing only the socks. He begins to fondle her. Finished, he obtains the "instrument of her correction", the cane. She leans fully down over the table.

He delivers the first two strokes with a good solid vigor, directly to the middle of her bottom. She can only say "Ow". I would be jumping out of my skin; so she must be taking it far better than I could. The next three land with similar force and a good aim. Still, she manages to hold position. On the sixth and seventh however, are a different story. It seems that he has hit an area already struck. You can tell from her volume that they was very sore. By the eighth, she can not hold her position and starts to stand up.

By the eleventh stroke, a close up of her bottom shows a nice white mark appear. This is too much as her voice indicates that she is in very serious pain. It is no longer just "Ow" but "ooooooooooohhhh". The sixteenth stroke forces her upright. She no longer cares about her required position. She wants out. She wants out now! She starts to pound on the table with the next stroke. She takes the next two without much more of an incident. The last stroke is always the worst. He is a stickler for tradition and will ensure that it be kept. The last stroke is the worst. It is full of fury and wrath as it lands with all that he can muster of his strength. There is no holding back. She bolts upright. Her bottom is now a blaze of pain; of that there is no doubt from the final scene with her holding her bottom cheeks cupped in both hands. A bit of ice helps sooth the fire down below and she is sent off to make herself decent and return to work on Monday.

This video is a good example of the "take a spanking or loose your job" style. The film is somewhat old by today's modern standards, but it is very well done. The video quality is good, even for an NTSC copy. Reggie, the caner, is very good at his job. He has no trouble hitting his intended target without going all over the place with his cane making a cocker of things. I do not know who Miss Granger is. She does not seem to be in other videos and perhaps this is her one and only such video. Maybe Reggie was too much for her. It is just right for me. Oh yes, I did enjoy it.

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