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Caning News

Length: 60+ minutes
Review by MARS posted on 11/12/10

A series of short spanking and caning scenarios, presented as a newspaper collection of stories. None are long enough for us to develop full interst, so to speak.

Asha's Hot Bottom: a brunette schoolgirl is caught masturbating and smoking and is given a routine bare-bottom handspanking by a faceless male in a paneled room Moonglow uses.

Mrs. Baraclough Gets A Hiding: a longer segment; an older woman teacher masturbates in a seductive outfit, to divert him and avoid punishment from a faceless headmaster-type. "You'e trying to take my mind off other your infatuation with our Sixth Formers." The headmaster brandishes a cane and pulls Mrs. B's breasts out of her bra. Her bottom has marks from a spanking from another staffer. He teases her with the cane tip. "Hmm, erect nipples." A lot of sexy caning talk. Some caning while on the couch. Apparently, she either spanks or is spanked by the Sixth Form rugby players.

History Spot: The Edwardian Maid: a glamorous redheaded maid reports to her master for having broken an heirloom. Skirt flipped up. "Good heavens, no knickers!" Good spanking and closeups of her charming parts. Another maid, Blake, caught stealing. Knees on a chair, arms at 90 degrees holding onto a table. "Pull your skirt up. Good heavens, no knickers again!" Blake gets a good strapping on the bare.

Double Spanking By Mr. Jones: two different conventional handspankings OTK of college staff members who are "disgraces to the college."

Nurse Mavis' First Punishment: Faceless "doctor" canes a nurse, panties bunched, over the back of a chair. "oww...sorry, Doctor."

Anna Beaten Yesterday Evening: Older girl caught smoking and drinking must report to the storeroom to bend over a trestle in her pajamas for 6 of the cane, 6 more for rubbing without permission. When she won't identify a confederate: "Very well, stand up, drop your pajamas and bend over again." 6 more. Good marks. Hope you share with us the joy of seeing girls getting the cane in their pajamas (Rigid East's "Wild Party," and the "Finishing School Discipline" sagas are just a few).

Braithwaite Beaten Twice: Girl going to be spanked by schoolmaster for sneaking out to see "Last Tango in Paris." She will report to the teacher at Lights-Out. "You know how to be attired at that time." She arrives in a short dressing gown, drops it, and is naked for the cane--she jumps painfully. Steamy stuff, best-in-show. Cute frontals.

Druggie Carol Strapped and Beaten: Faceless girl is strapped by faceless male on some of the most fashionable striped tights we have seen; next morning, in just man-shirt and panties, she gets the cane. "Take 'em down" for a half-dozen.

Lazy Sharon Sherrington Caned: delicious red-haired student at the spanking bench. "Right over, hands on the bottom rail." 6 cane strokes on blue panties. In another scene, she's been caught putting a laxative in the faculty coffee pot. "Skirt up, knickers down." Extended leisurely frontals. 6 cane strokes.

A Triple Caning In College: one of the storied ageplay Moonglow males canes girls in the paneled room. A small blonde kneels over the two back-to-back cafeteria chairs in a most revealing pose for the cane and a rubbing probe from the caner. The next girl is the actress Monica for the same. And the third girl, a brunette, her bottom already red, is both spanked and caned, white weals appearing on pink cheeks.

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