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The Caning of a Spanish Master's Wife

Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

This is just a magnificent piece of work. It is beautiful in almost every way, from production values to story line. The story unfolds at the Moonglow Academy. There are three scenes in this video that tells the story of Waverly, the kitchen maid, when she takes it upon herself to punish Aura Adama, a guest for bad behavior. As scene one opens we are in the office of the Ancient History Teacher, Dr Fordham. He was about to start a tutorial on the history of Corporal Punishment when he notices that the Adama's, Aura and her husband are missing. Waverly refuses to tell him where they are until he threatens to, and follows through spanking her for lying about there whereabouts. After a few minutes of OTK hand spanking she admits that she knows when they left and where they have gone.

Scene two: We flashback a few hours before where we find Waverly admonishing Aura for her misbehavior. She takes Aura over her knee and delivers a hard hand spanking, first over her dress, then on her panties, and finally on her bare bottom. All of a sudden the husband bursts into the room. He is incensed by what he sees. Just imagine a kitchen maid is spanking his aristocratic wife. This is very humiliating. He decides that he will teach this lowly kitchen maid a lesson, and that while he is doing that, he will teach his wife a lesson as well. He has both of them strip and begins one of the most memorable spanking scenes you will ever witness. He gives it to them extremely hard with his hand, and a strap. At this point he ushers Waverly from the room, and we think the scene is over. But it isn't. We find out that Senor Adama is very much into spanking games, and he is going to give his beautiful wife the benefit of his experience. And so begins her punishment, through extreme strapping, and caning. At one point he gathers her up and places her over his knee while he is standing. This scene is absolutely elegant and intensely erotic.

Scene 3: We are back in Dr Fordham's office where he has decided to punish Waverly for overstepping her bounds in exercising corporal punishment on Senora Adama. He decides that she should receive a good dose of the hand and cane just as the Senora had. It must be noted that anyone that watches this gorgeous, statuesque beauty, Aura, and does not get excited, has to be blind. Now on to the production values: This video is super clean, no color bleeding, no noise lines, or any thing else to distract from our viewing pleasure. While being clean, it retains a certain lushness of color. The camera angles are superb, and the direction is just right, and the story line is believable. I give this one a 10 out of 10 on the Spank-O-Meter.

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