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Caning Revenge

41 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/18/09

Two salty girls receive a call from a third girl, who has just served 3 years in prison, and wants her share of the loot the 2 girls kept when they avoided conviction. The girls scramble for ideas--they've heard their confederate the ex-con is a tough cookie, "She caned one of the girls in prison once."

This is a simple one-room unremarkable CalStar; you can make as many of these in a day as there are fresh bottoms available. Kristen, the released robber, arrives. She is a thin short-haired punkish brunette, appropriately attired in leatherette, tattoos showing, and generally not looking like she is attending a tea party. She wants her share of the cache, 100,000 pds, not the paltry 5000 pds the girls can scrape together. Kristen relents and gives them a week to come up with the money. "In the meantime you're going to take a beating."

The olive-skinned brunette will be first. She goes OTK, up with a low-cut, side-slit slinky dress to show black panties. They shuffle to perfect spanking positions--they didn't block out this scene properly. The spanking is slow and firm. "This is so humiliating, please." Her pants come down and her bottom jiggles under the attack.

The brunette stands and bends over the couch while Kristen goes to the car for her "tools," which turn out to be the standard oval and floppy paddles, and a cane. She is spanked with the soft oval paddle--loud, hard, and long. Kristen coaxes her legs open and strikes all parts of her buttocks and upper thighs with the paddle. The floppy paddle is next. "You haven't suffered nearly as much as I have for 3 years."

Time for the cane. The sofa has to be moved for Kristen to get a full swing, another comical interruption which you can blame on the director. Over the couch again, about 15 strokes, with repeats and multiple angles.

Confederate #2, a short-haired blonde, has been watching and is next. She is spanked on a black thong before it comes down. Kristen smiles with enjoyment at these opportunities she has. She receives both paddles at the sofa--Kristen is firm and no-nonsense, holding the blonde immobilized with a handful of hair as she spanks.

The cane is next, skirt off, bent far over the end of the couch, a very appealing posture. 20 strokes, repeats, very erotic, good marks on the blonde's bottom--she seemed a little surprised at what the cane was going to feel like.

So, Kristen will be back next week; there will be "far more" of this; you wonder if she cares at all about getting her heist share. The film ends with a closeup of the blonde getting baby oil from the brunette.

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