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58 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 8/3/07

Have focussed on the oldies, because we like some plausible plot, moderate severity, and the particular British way of getting things done. Here is our favorite male spanker, in a worn but always fruitful storyline. Aspiring actresses must drop their pants for spankings to get parts.

Our disciplinarian is always fiendish and personal, although this is not his best worrk, and he is frequently panned by others. He just loves spanking and is especially energized by tears. Talent agent Mr. Rocco is on the phone, seeking to place three girls in roles. From his reception room the first girl materializes even as the phone is cradled. "Sam" is an olive-skinned beauty whose clothes just seem ready to be peeled off. But first, a little repartee on the white CalStar couch--Rocco specializes in these little discussions where we watch it dawn on the young lady what is about to transpire. He explains this role will be intense: "You have to be naked." She stands and he twirls and fondles her. As he coaxes off her blouse and skirt he tells her the producer is looking for girls with ample well-formed bottoms. Sam says she's heard Rocco gives spankings in these interviews. There's the opening. "Well then, let's get to it."

OTK in the skimpiest of bra and thong. Rocco give a practiced hard handspanking, while Sam keeps asking if she's getting the job. We wouldn't want Rocco to decide just yet. He gets her bra off and reaches under for a feel. She stands, in thong only, which she now wriggles off. Nice all around. She's proud of what she's got and Rocco's downright thrilled. She kneels nude on the courch. Rocco" "One of my favorite positions." Ditto.

Out comes the trusty balck leather spatula-shaped paddle, a Rocco stock implement. "Have you ever come across one of these before?" Hard smacks, banter, fondling. Sam is a little breathless and now frightened. She mentions she's seen welts on other girls' bottoms. Next she's bent all the way over the back of the couch, with her bottom highest. Let's get this fantastic position into the procedure manual. Rocco is the master of torment. Some nice zingers with a stiff leather spanker and miffled cries.

Then she's on her feet and twirled nude for us, bottom reddening, and she's sniffling. She's told to grab her ankles for the cane. This is some interview. "Cane? You never told me about this." 15 lovely wrist shots from Rocco and reminders to "remember your career." She asks: "Are you sure this is going to help?" She says she's heard that Rocco likes to cane and maybe this isn't so bad. Rocco checks between her legs, and we presume he confirms she's having some fun, because she's told to remain bent over while he gets the acting contract.

Part II of the video is still at the CalStar couch, but this time an attractive severekly attired blonde interviews a brunette potential starlet and reports she's standing in for Rocco. The brunette is pleading, begging for an acting job. The blondeexplains she is obligated to test for some of Rocco's uh, "preferences." The actress responds, "I'm prepared top do whatever it takes. Now there's a trouper!

What-it-takes is more, this time. "Undo your belt." The girl pulls up her skirt, and with a little CalStar chatter, is bent over for a handspanking. Next is a big slapper-paddle. The blonde uses full, hard swings, and the aspiring actress is suddenly quiet. Off with the dress---here is a nifty willowy figure in bra, pants, garter belt, and stockings. The bonde pulls down the girl's panties, with some theatrics.(she has more than a casual interest here). Another downy muff. Bent over again, this time for the stiff leather spanker Rocco prefers. "Mr. Rocco wouldn't have it any othwer way." Whimpering.

She's told to lie face-down on the couch. "See how inviting you can make yourself look." Not hard--a lovely soaring bottom. She gets a snappy series with a soft tawse. Next, the blonde brandishes a plexiglass cane and the actress stands and assumes-the-position. "Have you ever come across one of these before?" We see about 50 strokes, in various positions, legs apart, plenty on display; surely repeats, but it's fun and it smarts. Then she's made to kneel and lie on the floor and left, bottom up, gyrating in sensuous discomfort, while the blonde steps out of the room. She's back, down to bra and pants, with a dildo strapped on, and it's a real awesome curved critter. There follows an impressive rogering, lovely squishy sound effects, authentic gasping, great intimate camera-work from below. None of those silly faux pumping scenes. The brunette collapses on the floor, legitimately spent. "Thank you, Mum." The video fades as the brunette has positioned herself in front of the blonde's bra hooks to return the favor.

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