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Caning Severe at the DeVere's

49 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/19/10

Beatrice sleeps late and is angry when the housekeeper/guardian, hired to look after her while her parents are away, wakes her. She is a loud, belligerent blonde, nasty in the morning. The housekeeper Becky, not a bad looking package herself, is affronted and claims she has authority from Beatrice's parents to punish, and now looks like it would be a good time. "I have full permission to give you a good spanking."

OTK, pajama pants down, Becky bunches Beatrice's leopard panties. "This is just the beginning." When her panties come down, Beatrice protests: "You're not going to touch my bare bottom." Beatrice is put against the wall. "Keep your pants down till I come back."

"Look what I found." She brandishes the CalStar arsenal-2 paddles and a cane. The oval paddle is first, with cute efforts by both to keep the pj top from covering her bottom. Beatrice faces us for a loud lecture, her fuzzy front distracting. She thinks she should be done. "Isn't that enough now?" "No, I'm giving you a caning." Still standing against the wall, 10 sexy strokes. Now it's over and she gets ready to go to school.

Beatrice's mother Victoria returns early, along with her sister Michelle, and they tell Becky they no longer need her in the job. Victoria and Michelle get to talking about spanking. Victoria says her husband Brian spanks her. Michelle: "Did you not get turned on?" So they are going to try it. (The plot line getting farfetched in order to add spankings to the time.) Victoria spanks sister Michelle with the household implements. "I do feel a bit strange spanking my own sister." Soon: "I'd really like to take down your knickers." "That's very rude."

Victoria suggests Michelle should come to their house and let husband Brian spank her, to save her own bottom. Some paddling and much erotic talk about spanking. After rousing sessions with the oval paddle and floppy paddle, hard, loud, and sexy, the girls, in unison suggest the next step, "The cane!" "Ooh, you guessed."

After a dramatic woosh woosh, Victoria lays on fully 40 strokes. If there are repeats, the editing is smooth. Lots of sexy talk: "Go on, do it as hard as Brian does it to you." "Did Brian give you this many cane strokes?" "It just never ended. It went on and on." Victoria is fascinated with Michelle's bottom. It is all very erotic--Michelle seems as close to orgasm as we can recall. The girls recall that Brian's brother probably gave Michelle her education in spanking.

Michelle admits that she has a "very sore bottom" and agrees that she asked for it. It would seem the sisters have an expanded relationship and that there will be more action in the future.

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