Canings and Cold Showers

Date: 80's
Time:33 minutes
Starring: Sophie Fennington

An oldie: Flight Officer Sophie Fennington completes her training. She has passed all her tests--academic, physical endurance, etc., but one hurdle remains.

The scene opens in a barracks bathroom. Ms. Fennington, a legendary CP actress, is a fetching, wispy blue-eyed blonde, here in a crisp and spiffy uniform, standing in front of a mirror meticulously applying makeup, allowing us to imagine what's in store for her and for us. Her pretty face is in closeup. We'll see a lot of it, in addition to other flattering views. We'll also see why she is called an actress, more than just another girl who'll take a spanking for money. She hasten a nervous cigarette. She knows what she must do for the final test.

A male voice barks from upstairs. A cute final hair and uniform adjustment before the mirror and she reports to the Group Captain of the Medical Service. She is asked to sit at prim attention while the Captain lectures her. He circles her, dressed in a white lab coat, and notes all her reports thus far are exemplary and that her training nears completion.

It is time to measure how she would hold up if she were captured and interrogated by the enemy (not so far-fetched these days). "How's your pain threshold...........our methods here are unusual......we will push you to your limit, Miss Fennington......a painful ordeal....." Sophie bats her blue eyes and summons her courage.

"Stand up. Take off your uniform." Sophie knows she has to pass this test. She doesn't dawdle and promptly undresses. The rustling of clothing coming off, piece by piece, is the only audio, a lovely tesnion device often seen in these British films. We wait. She pauses with a rueful glance when she's down to her shirt, in a silly hope of reprieve. But, no. Soon she's naked but for black bikini panties, stockings, and a garter belt.

"Were you ever caned at school?" "Uh....no, sir" "Then we'll start with the cane."

The screen dissolves and when we return, Sophie is stretched across the end of a table in a delectable insitutional pose and we study her expectant face. Does she know her panties are headed south? The Captain fingers their hem. "I think we'll have these down." "Oh, sir." "I said DOWN." The Captain inches them down with one hand, holding a cane in the other, in a formal unveiling and a delicious moment of truth, and leaves them at that perfect place across the knees. He's very good at this. Presumably the caning of naked flight officers is a regular part of his duties. Would make a nice "Shades of Singapore" series, would it not? We love the proximity of a white doctor's smock and a bare bottom. And here we see the central aspect of why Sophie has a fan club. Glorious.

The Captain swishes the cane in the air and we enjoy Sophie's face, as she darts her eyes in anticipation of the first stroke.

I counted 40 strokes, more with repeats. Sophie endures them well. We watch from both the (her ) rear and her face. Her eyes moisten. She has a delightful way of arching her bottom between strokes, a nice result of both long legs and the table for positioning. Her breathing deepens as the stripes develop. This is one of the sexiest canings I've seen. The Captain pauses to sit by her face to scold and torment her between strokes. She jumps up occasionally and pulls her buttocks apart in pain. Her murmurs and moans vary, which complicated the director's ability to insert repeats. She's getting whupped, no question; she clenches her fists and kicks her heels in agony and struggles to control herself, but illustrates for us her pain threshold reputation.

At about stroke #15 we get a nice wink from an unshaven muff. Bruising and welts have begun. Our caner uses the wrist snap and so does not carve grooves in her bottom, but leaves white stripes which ripen in a few seconds. On one of the last strokes, the mark appears at the sulcus between her left cheek and thigh. If this is authentic, she'll have an unpleasant reminder for a few weeks. Finally she's done and the Captain compliments her for her composure. We've had leisurely closeups and been able to count stripes until their color merged. This is fun, and I don't care about the verities.

"It's customary for you to take a cold shower."

The film ends with a short scene of Sophie, now totally naked, with cold water streaming over and between fiery buttocks. Sophie rubs them without interfering with our view and her tender touch assures us they really sting. All the while we're treated to a few frontal moments. Nothing like an unhappy damsel in the shower.

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