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Carley's Caning

29 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/24/09

Carley is a thin grown-up blonde young lady hired as a babysitter for our man "Brian" and his kids. We know from the CalStar screenwiritng dept that any female bottom within a city block of him is fair game. She reports for work and is left to wait for the kids to wake, gets horny, and begins masturbating with a porno magazine she travels with, even taking her panties off to facilitate matters. Brian catches her and here is his opportunity.

"I'm going to spank your bottom so you won't do it again. I want to have a look at your bottom. I've been looking for an excuse for a long time." Fortunately for us, Carley is in no position to argue. OTK, she has one of those soaring photogenic bottoms which seems to rise to the occasion. During the spanking, the rear view excels, and because it is 2007, there is more attention to what's between her legs and to Brian's naughty fingers. "What were you thinking about when you were playing with your pussy?'

"Stand up. Remove your skirt" "..Why? are being worse than what I was doing.' Skirt off, frontal nudity, blouse off, bra gone, twirl for us, very nice, thanks.

A slow bend-over in front of the camera,she strokes her vagina herself. She has come to play today.Closeup of her bottom held while Brian goes to gather his implements, which he shows her in mock torment. She is then paddled, with perfect camera work--rear, face, side views, hanging boobs. Brian gives her a slow frig in closeup. Brian turns and strokes Carley's crotch to try to distract him. You've got to wonder who recommended this babysitter.

She is going to get the cane. Twelve strokes, kneeling on the couch, in high heels and that is all. Hope no one walks in. 15 strokes are shown, knees wide, closeups of weals and stripes. Careful closeup of her naked body as she dresses. No schoolgirls in this performance.

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