Elite Pain

Case 18

Starring: Merdith Mitchel, Nikita Blumberg
Guest Review by Sugar posted 5/14/10

Elite Club is facing a new and a rare case, this time we have two volunteers who came to the Club by their own will not because they are in some kind of a trouble and they need the Club influential leverage as what usually happened in previous cases, this time is different they came seeking adventure and excitement that is what Merdith said to Lady Jessica who appeared surprised.....she (Lady Jessica) had to make sure that they fully understand what they are stepping into, it is a serious business, girls have to be naked and tortured by medieval methods and there is no way back as you pass the 15-minute mark...."So be it" Nikita answered.

The Test
Lady Jessica wanted to know with whom should the Master start torment first, so Merdith and Nikita will first undergo a test, loser will be the first guest of the Monk. First Nikita and Merdith have to grease each other body, boobs, butt, thighs; Nikita's boobs and butt consumed a lot of oil but it is ok.....the two rivals were bullying each other.....Nikita is big and fat, Merdith is to thin and weak she won't handle it. well we will see. The test is very simple, after both being tied up facing each other, they have to whip each other on row 10 times using a single tail whip; Lady Jessica is judging, the winner is the one who hit harder and leave more marks on her opponent.....Nikita starts first, One stroke, One count, One point. The whipping starts, they both targeted each other butt, not that extreme but very erotic two greased beaties whipping each other specially Nikita she looked absolutely erotic with her big ass being lashed and her big titties bouncing with every stroke...so erotic. 10 strokes are done, although Nikita still have a lot to learn but she won the first round. The second round also of 10 strokes was better, faster rhythm, harder strokes...Merdith did her best but still it is Nikita who won; Merdith is the Monk first guest.

Merdith First Challenge
Type: pussy torture
Administrator: The Monk
Merdith laid on her back with her legs up and widely opened tied to a wooden frame, pretty uncomfortable position.....add to all of that, she has to bear wax drops as they drip on her shaved pussy lips and clit....she handled it fine; unfortunately for Merdith the candle went out, the Monk accused Merdith of blowing the candle out, I guess he was lying she didn't do it but what poor Merdith can say now she has to be punished for something she didn't do. This time the Monk used a multi tail whip on her waxed pussy, wax was all cleaned up as the whip lashed the pussy... the 12th was hard the13th was even harder that she had Merdith to put her hands over her pussy, she couldn't bear anymore....The Monk gives her 5 seconds to take her hands out, but Merdith couldn't afford to lose that easy, whipping continues, the final three were the hardest with Merdith was forced to pull her pussy lips apart with her hand the inside of her pussy was clearly apparent and susceptible to the sting lashes of the whip despite all of that she was able to withstand 20 lashes successfully.

Nikita First Challenge
Type: tits lashing
Administrator: Jessica Lee
Nikita is shown blind folded with her huge boobs firmly tight with a rope attached to a hook suspended down, hands tied backwards, Blood inside her titties was painfully congested. The instrument is again multi-tail whip, 20 lashes was given to Nikita specially to her left-side tit, as Nikita was suffering Jessica was having pleasure she looked satisfied and well pleased for the pain she caused.

Merdith Second Challenge
Type: Frontal Lashing
Administrator: Jessica Lee
Merdith is laid on her back over an inclined wooden table, hands and feet tied up; the first part is 10 single-whip lashes, on a thin person like Merdith this could be very painful and it was, wheals immediately appeared after each stroke, 10/10 for Jessica ľand Merdith too- The second part is done with a riding crop, 10 strokes on Merdith "right" thigh, I don't know why not both?! Anyway she successfully passed hoping Nikita's failure in the up coming challenge.

Nikita Second Challenge
Type: Pussy Torture
Administrator: The Monk
Laid on a long chair, with her legs widely stretched and strapped, hands are strapped beneath the chair. This could be very difficult for Niki especially this is her first pussy torture experience. The first lash was ok for Niki, but as lashes kept coming thing started to get harsh; 20 lashes were administered and Niki as always was able to bear it all; but the was the first part only, the second part was even worse, since she skipped candle drops she has now to withstand needle piercing, the most sensitive part of her body was the clit and that is where the needle went; screaming, yelling and crying, the monk sticked his needle in Niki's clit causing Niki terrible pain and a tiny bleeding in her clit; now Merdith is in a real dilemma.

Merdith Third Challenge
Type: Frontal Whipping
Administrators: The Monk & Lady Jessica
Standing, arms and legs tied to wooden poles, looking exhausted from her previous frontal whipping, this time Merdith has to face 2 administrators instead of one, both using single-tail whip and they are going to hit consecutively. With her body still burning from the last whipping session that was simply too much for Merdith who could withstand 22 lashes; that is definitely not bad but would 22 be enough for her to win? She has to wait for Nikita hoping her failure at early stages.

Nikita Third Challenge
Type: Frontal Whipping
Administrator: The Monk
Laid on a table similar to that one used in Painful Duel Game Show, arms and legs stretched and tied to a metal pole on the side. Apparently Nikita got greased again, her body was shining...Nikita doesn't know how many strokes her opponent reached, so she has to keep going and pull herself together as much as she can., this might be easy in theory but with Cat O'nine whip things are much different. That Challenge was the hardest on Nikita who was crying, yelling and panting the whole time although she showed a lot of determination, as she reached the 22nd lash, The Admin told her the big news, one more lash and you win and Nikita is going for it, the last one was pretty harsh it hit the crotch between the right thigh and the pussy anyway it is all over Nikita is the winner. We don't exactly know what did Nikita exactly won, all what we know there is some kind of a bet between the two rivals!!! Anyway Congratulation to Niki you were hot and great.

Best Scene:
Merdith Second Challenge, frontal single tail whipping was simply great; that kind of whips was specially designed for thin people just like poor Merdith, you could hear the echo of the whip striking Merdith's tummy immediately leaving reddish marks...I guess that scene was the main reason that got Merdith lost the competition. Good job Lady Jessica ľas usual- and Hard luck to Merdith!

Thumb Up/Thumb Down:
I give a thumb up for choosing of the cast, fat vs thin, the best administrators (Lady Jessica & Sir Max Lomp), variety of instruments....and the last Challenge for Merdith where the number of strokes was not pre-determined so it makes you thinking how much will she bear. Greasing was as always a very nice touch specially on Nikita, her big boobs looked just perfect with grease on 'em.

Thumb Down for the Camera at the second scene of Merdith and Niki whipping each other, I could see nothing of Niki's side it was all dark the camera was only on Merdith side not the other. Strapping ľas usual- was not shown, they all were pre-tied and ready for torment, that is not what "Hard Tie" fans wishes from Mood Pictures; I am not saying Mood Pic have to shoot every strapping process, but there are some special cases that worth being added to the movie like Nikita's boobs strapping that was definitely something worth to watch.

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