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The Catechism

Release Date: August 2001
Running Time: 30 minutes
Review by UK Reviewer, February 2002

This is the second in Rigid East's new "Headmaster" series. Like Note for Absence it is set in the Headmasteršs study which is clearly the command center of a strict school for young ladies. The four canes on a rack, and the religious statuary on the walls, guarantee that discipline will be maintained under the lash. In this episode the carpet beater has disappeared from the hat stand, but the birch is still being pickled in an urn. The desk and ceiling lights have now been wired up, and the latter reflect off the headmaster's bald dome as he applies the cane.
The head is enjoying a quiet smoke early one Monday morning when Ludmila enters the room with a note from her Sunday School teacher: she has dared to question the Immaculate Conception and has cited as evidence her intimate knowledge of the means by which her sisteršs new baby was conceived. Despite being accused of such a heinous offense she exhibits a very insolent manner which will have to be thrashed out of her. She is awarded seven strokes for each of her various sins of omission and commission but is so cheeky that she soon talks the punishment up to ten, then twelve, strokes for each offense. Even when faced with fifty lashes, as she bends over the punishment bench, in reply to a modest remark by the headmaster that he has never understood the complexities of women's under clothes (Ludmila has just undone hers to bare her bottom for the cane) she makes a cheeky comment - That does not surprise me! - about his manliness. Being a gentleman he affects not to hear.
Ludmila is bound in place by the wide leather straps and buckles, and like all the cheekiest girls, howls continuously from the first stroke (unlike Maria in Note for Absence who screams for each stroke and sobs quietly between them). Ludmila who is taller than Maria struggles against her bonds but they are well up to the task of keeping her and her bottom in the path of the cane no matter how vigorously it is swung (and by the end of the film it is being swung hard enough to dislodge any silly notions Ludmila has about the Holy Motheršs chastity). Being taller, Ludmilašs legs are bent at the knees so that her feet lash about and drum on the floor. She tends to clench her fists rather than grip the legs of the whipping bench. Near the end there is a brief glimpse of her left wrist as she kneels before a crucifix and we can see some reddening where the skin has been scuffed by the restraining strap - no silly fur-lined restraints are used in this school.
For those who are interested in the effect a whipping has on nearby erogenous zones there are excellent shots in which the recipient will detect some enlargement of the labia minora with the tip of the clitoris, or the hood, peeping out below, increasing rather than diminishing, as Ludmila's bottom reddens and purples under the cane. For some of these views the camera seems to be between the naughty girl's ankles, a rather dangerous position, given the way she lashes about with her feet, but it gives a simultaneous view of her bottom, cunt, and contorted face, as the cane makes contact. There is a fair amount of wobbling in the bottom cheeks, not all of which occurs in the immediate wake of the cane: some, between strokes, accompanied with additional vibration in the thighs, is definitely either an involuntary nervous reaction, or orgasmic. If the latter, Ludmila is not enjoying it - her howling continues undiminished.
By the time the headmaster is finished with the cane and is taking some photographs for the delectation of the Vicar and a "Dr Schertal", who is compiling an illustrated book on corporal punishment, Ludmilašs bottom is covered in purple stripes, with blood visible at three or four places where the cane (the thinnest on the rack but with sharpest cutting action) has crossed and recrossed. If Ludmila appears in future productions we can look forward to seeing the bruise marks which these deeper cuts will leave behind as they will last three or four months. These marks will be additional to the trophies she exhibits as she first bares her bottom in Cathechism when we see the deeper residue of what she suffered as the Maid in Fairy Tale. A girl who needs, and an actress who can take, the cane like this should have a permanent contract with the studio.
Once again in this new series Rigid East have provided us with an authentic professional production which, as an instructive demonstration of how corporal punishment should be allocated and applied, and its after effects, cannot be faulted.

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