Catholic Discipline #3

67 minutes
Reviewed by MARS posted 12/11/10

This film is the product of an Internet source--no DVD's or tapes to be had. Lengthy discussion found on the Website section of this Site. Their films available feature some familiar and talented actresses, suggesting redistribution of others' films made earlier in time.

The spanking of Catholic girls would fall high on the fetish list for a lot of us, raised under the palm of stern Nuns and Masters. Mr. Peters is a civilian Deputy Head with startingly absolute prerogatives to discipline his female students. He has three girls, hands-on-head, facing the wall, for what he calls "Special Case Time." A long review, a lot of action. Moderate discipline, many girlie shots.

The first girl, thin sophisticated Parker, the well-equipped actress Dublin O'Brien. OTK, skirt up, beautifully fit white panties, perfect camera angle for the handspanking. Pants down, lovely athletic bottom, and winks of her charms, which may be a main feature throughout this film for all the girls. When she is sent to the wall, there is a flash of her mohawk, very much intended.

The second girl is brunette Simpson, new to these procedures from Peters, (if she had heard about him, she is worried at this point), and is still wearing her parochial jumper. OTK, non-regulation knickers down, handspanking, bottom full-screen, excellent staging.

Peter is definitely a craven opportunist with this collection of captured young ladies. The third girl, Burton, still on the wall, must drop her panties to her ankles. Parker, back in-line, must drop her knicks also. And off comes Simpson's jumper. Matters progress.

Parker (O'Brien) is spanked again. The camera zooms in on the background and holds on Simpson's front, soft downy fuzz. Simpson is called out again and is getting the idea as a new girl. Hands-on-chair for the tawse.

And now Burton, a crystalline blonde with features reminiscent of Sophie Fennington.She is bent over the folding chair and Peters throws her blouse over her head, exposing her little white bra, for no reason other than he can do anything he wants here. Moderate tawsing full-screen, very nice.

Parker is spanked again, keeping her front covered, as she (Dublin) always does. Another zoom on the Simpson fuzz. The girls hurriedly reset the classroom then sit bare-bottomed at their places, a sexy tease and salute to the Roue years. Today's session is complete. Simpson is going to be caned tomorrow, for having been expelled from her previous school. No fresh starts from Peters!

The next day, Peters fidgets in the front of the classroom, Parker is gone, and a fourth girl, blond Sutton, will be adding her bottom to our collection. Sutton is the first on the griddle--she is too unprepared to depict the geography of a Continental holiday she just had. OTK--she wears a micro skirt we never saw in school. White pants to her ankles immediately. Obligatory sweet winks between her legs. Peters collects her panties--he is gathering souvenirs on his desk. Under-the-table shot of lovely Burton playing with herself as Sutton is spanked.

Peters begins to position the bare-bottomed girls in embarrassing exposed postures. Sutton kneels on a chair, bends over the back, head low, knees open, to hold a pornographic moon-pose. Erotic, intimate exposure with her buttocks separated, and not too comfortable.

Torment time. Simpson touches toes. Peters goes between Burton's legs with rubber gloves; Simpson is slippered with a white tennis shoe, after which she must kneel on a large table, head down, bottom high, knees separated. Sutton has been kneeling on a chair, on her haunches. She stands for the slipper, Burton takes her place on the chair--bottoms all over the place! Guess Peters is secure no one is dropping by the class. Burton gets the slipper on the chair then drops her head over the back, bottom high, knees wide, fit for an anatomy class!

Peters wooshes the cane. Sutton is first, bent-over, legs 18" apart, 10 moderate strokes. Simpson off the table, side-by-side with Simpson, the irresistible comparison of rosy cheeks. Simpson gets her caning. More for Sutton--7 with legs wide, then 5 more with her legs spread-eagled as wide as she can make them.

Sweet blond Burton's turn. She folds her panties and adds them to Peters' pile on the desk. This time she takes off her blouse and her bra--a delightful, trim, almost juvenile figure, naked but for knee socks. Wonderful moment. 10 cane strokes.

The classroom furniture is re-positioned again. The girls will finish the day as they are, bare-bottom, Burton naked. Peters leaves, another teacher is due, and presumably he will be used to walking into such a scene. We ourselves would have a tough time teaching with the naked Burton looking at us.

The film concludes with about 8 minutes of on-set cameos between takes, the crew and the partially dressed girls relaxed, and the bald naked stunning Burton wandering around the set un-self-consciously. A camera crawled under the tables for some upskirt shots and the girls obliged with some self-play.

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