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Directed and Produced: J. P. O' Neil
Starring: The Lovely Elizabeth
Reviewed by: Henry James-Olmos

First off I must thank spreview for being there. I would never have known about this video had it not been for spreview's original review of the only other video that Ohh Tee Kay Productions has done, "A Renter's Dream" I so thoroughly enjoyed that one that I just had to get "CAUGHT!" as soon as it was available. And I was not disappointed. The plot line is a time tested one. Elizabeth has been warned repeated by her husband that she is not to stay out late drinking and carousing with her girlfriends. She has broken that rule on several occasions, and has been told that the next time she will receive corporal punishment by way of a very hard, bare bottom spanking. Well, this stubborn young lady just doesn't believe that will ever happen, and is she ever wrong. The same evening that she received her last warning, wouldn't you know it, here she comes sneaking through the door, late at night, with her shoes in her hands. Uh oh, guess who's waiting, and prepared this time to follow through on his threat. And follow through he does. It's immediately over the knee and the slaps are hard and furious. The skirt is raised very quickly, and the panties come down just as fast. Her cheeks are red, and she feels the pain, but when he rubs her butt cheeks, you can see a little pleasure spread across her face. At the same time there is a certain humiliated feeling invading her. Three days later he catches her playing hooky from work and watching her favorite Soap Opera's on Television. She tells him she is sick, so he sends her to the bathroom to get the rectal thermometer and Vaseline and takes her temperature. Now she knows what humiliation really is. He scolds her and tells her if she is lying she is going to get another spanking and that's exactly what happens. First with the hand and then with a heavy leather strap and paddle. I am just enthralled with the quality of Ohh Tee Kay's products. This is a spanker's delight. I can't wait for the next one.


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