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Cautioned with the Cane

Year: 1997
36 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/2/10

A tongue-in-cheek brush with uniformed authority, a fantasy particularly British. We watch a car being driven wildly on SouthHall Beach, spinning about, throwing up clouds of sand. Next we see a uniformed, bald-headed, very official and dignified looking officer calling on Mrs. Jenkins, delivering a summons. Blond Ms. Jenkins tries to deny, but the officer shows her sand on her car wheels. The camera follows Jenkins' jeaned bottom as she walks to the car, an angle you wouldn't select if this were a TV comedy.

This officer has some intelligence on our Ms. Jenkins. It seems she was known to have "spanking games" with her ex-husband. The officer proposes his solution--it will be spanking for sure, but there won't be any "games" this time. Jenkins doesn't want to lose her license--she is quickly OTK and a mild handspanking begins.

Jeans down, handspanking in a standing position, little white thong on display. Bend-over, hands-on-chair. "You're ready for the strap." "...s.s. strap?" Good closeups, mild work, this actor is not a good spanker.

"Now we'll go upstairs and you can find your strap." The camera follows her tush upstairs. "I must say, Mrs. Jenkins, that was a very nice view." He directs her to put on the outfit she would wear for her spanking games, which is a naughty mini-maid's dress with red panties. The officer finds an armload of spaning implements.

Hands-on-stool for a mild strapping, red pants down. While the officer picks through the tools for his next choice, Mrs. Jenkins lies on the bed, getting her pants up again. A mild strapping--she raises her hips to help him pull the knickers down and is very helpful in getting a pillow under her hipos. The spankings, though, are silly. Kneeling on the bed, head low, for a wood paddle, "the one you are frightened of."

Finally the cane, bottom on the pillows. But she objects, so it is back kneeling for the paddle. (We hereby exonerate this officer. It is the actress who doesn't want hard spanking). Some silly positioning on the bed for silly cane taps. Standing again, and gradually losing her costume to be naked, there are about 20 cane strokes, frequent frontal views, but a generally incomplete climax, considerng this officer got Ms. Jenkins up to her own boudoir to do this drill.

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