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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and received a bit of a face lift. However, despite saying it was updated on 2/1, the videos on display as samples are the same ones from 2004. This would lead me to believe that the practice of only posting a few of the videos every week and then rotating them is still in play. From what I could tell, not many new videos were added to the rotation either since the last time I reviewed this site. The cost is $34.95 USD for 30 days.

Review posted 11/1/04

When I find a new site, or one that I've just not heard of, I tend to go in with an open mind. I can be fairly forgiving for simple shortcomings or minor nuances. I also can be lenient if the video quality isn't as good as it can be since the equipment can be expensive, especially for a site that's just getting started. What I can't excuse is blatant deception. Any site that alludes to having something that it doesn't pisses me off to no end. With Cavern Spanking I can not say whether this deception is intentional or not, but it irritates me just the same. The issue at hand is that when you look at the preview section, it tells you that there are 30 or so full length videos that you can download. It mentions that you can choose either Real Media or Windows Media format. What it doesn't tell you is that they only offer five of these videos each week. Meaning, that only five of the 30+ videos are available at any given time. Once a week, they are rotated and a new five are available. So, if there is one or two particular movies in the selection page you are interested in, it's highly possible you may have to pay for another month before getting to download it. And if that isn't enough to snap the cord on your lawn mower, the site costs $30 a month. Thirty U.S. dollars per month. For five videos per week with no archive. Come on, give me a break. I know all about bandwidth and the costs associated with, but let's be real. Other sites can offer gigs and gigs of material on archive with new clips and photos being added several times per week for less money than that. Yet, Cavern Spanking offers five videos per week with no archive for $30 a month. This is one of the few times I've ever paid that much for site access and could not believe how little was available. For that cost, all 30+ videos should be readily available for download. As far as the movies themselves, they are split into multiple parts for faster download, but do not have the option of downloading one complete file. The quality is average, despite having three different size clips to choose from. I chose the best and largest option, which to my surprise, did not have that large of a viewing area. This is one of the few times I've been completely disappointed with a website. If you see a video that you like and don't mind paying the $30, then go for it or try dropping them an email. what you think is best.

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