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Centerfield Spanking

Guest review provided by Eric.

The video starts with bodybuilder Nick Harmon dressed in a tight fitting baseball uniform, cap on backwards. He sits down on a bench against a brick wall and starts to fondle himself. After several minutes of playing with his nipples and rubbing his dick he hears a noise and quickly tries to button up. In walks his coach, an older gray haired muscular guy with a mustache, who tells Nick that several of the guys on the team reported seeing Nick jerking off in the showers. Things quickly progress to an over the knee spanking with the coach repeated berating Nick with "Were you jerking off in the shower?" and "You've been a bad, bad boy!"

The coach orders Nick to stand and strip and we get a good eyeful of his pumped physique in a jockstrap. After making him bend over the coach works his ass over with a metal ruler. Nick has a bodybuilder tan with only a small thong line that is untanned, so after the moderate spanking is finished all we have is a slightly pink ass. Nicks reactions are genuine and the verbal exchanges between the two are quite hot if you enjoy scoldings and pleading. Nick asks for a chance to pee and the coach give him a urine cup and he is forced to pee with the coach watching. The video finishes with Nick admitting to jerking off in the showers and the coach punishes him by ordering him to jerk off again while he watches.

If you want a video with severe spankings CENTERFIELD SPANKING is not for you. What it does have is strong ageplay and verbal humiliation between two very in shape men. The tech side is a little weak, while lighting is good the tape has basically two camera distances with not much close-up on the spanking itself.

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