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Charles in Charge is the first Brook's Application video I've had the opportunity to watch. It's pretty much an age play setting, where Charles is babysitting 2 sisters, Samantha and Tabitha. There is some really good acting in this video, the girls do a great job of acting, well immature. The video starts off in the girl's bedroom, where after a short bit they get into a pillow fight. Charles comes in and tells them to break it up, and they then resume their fight after he leaves. Pretty good pillow fight, actually. Charles returns and isn't too happy. He first takes Samantha over his knee and spanks her over her dress, then a short stint on the white panties, and finally on the bare. Then it's Tabitha's turn, same deal. Hand spanking over the skirt, short stint over the white panties, and then finally on the bare. Not a very long scene, but it doesn't end here. There is another spanking in the bedroom that follows shortly thereafter, and Charles goes right for the bare butt on each. At first I thought the acting by the girls was a little overdone, but it really does add something to the film.
Next, it's bath time. Charles has the girls get undressed and get into the hot tub. He washes them and then the hot tub goes nuts. He gets soaked and isn't too happy about it. He pulls Samantha out of the tub and spanks her over his knee, while she's soaking wet (so isn't he for that matter). The hot tub apparently malfunctions and sprays water everywhere several times. Samantha goes back into the tub and Charles now pulls Tabitha out of the tub and spanks her in the same fashion. Before the scene ends, Samantha gets a few more whacks while standing in the tub. The final scene picks up back in the bedroom. The girls enter in their towels and have to get dressed for bed. They get into bed, and you guessed it, end up in another little tiff. Charles comes back into the room, totally irate now. They are made to stand in the corner, but they of course are still aggregating each other and won't stay still. Samantha is first to go over Charles' lap, where he uses a strap, first on her shorts, then on the bare. Then it's Tabitha's turn. First a strapping over the panties, then on the bare. If that wasn't enough for you, each then gets a bout with the hair brush. The video ends with the two saying how sorry they are and promising to be good from now on. As an extra, they throw in a few out takes at the end. I really liked this video. I thought the spanking action was good and hard, but not so hard it broke the skin (not really fond of seeing blood). The actors were great and the camera crew did a good job with the filming. The picture and sound quality is good and the video lasts around an hour.

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