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Cheaters X-Rated

Guest Review By: Gordon Henley

This movie disproves an old adage, as - in this case - "Cheaters" DO prosper !

Attention all spanking fans... today's special features the beauty and talent of OhhTeeKay's two most attractive stars: Christina Carter and Kelli Anderson. There is no way you can go wrong buying a movie with either of these lovely ladies in it, but one with them both is a dream come true.

The movie begins with Kelli being upset, thinking Christina has "stolen" her "Daddy", Cecil. Rather than stew about it, she confronts Christina and spanks her. While it's a good spanking, it's also one Christina "enjoys", as Kelli makes her admit she "likes it". Of course, turnabout is fair play, so as soon as her spanking is over, Christina decides Kelli could use some of her own medicine. This spanking is both disciplinary, and erotic, as - in her words - Chrsitina gets Kelli "all hot and bothered". It's also during this spanking that the best line of the movie is delivered. Perhaps perturbed at being spanked by the person she's been mad at, Kelli tells Christina their friendship is over. Christina just smiles/laughs, and says that can't be true, because if it was, Kelli wouldn't be over her knee.

With the spankings out of the way (for now), the two goddesses decide to "kiss and make up". Well, actually, they do a lot more than that, and we get to watch. (Another dream come true, right?)

Unbeknownst to Christina and Kelli, their fun has been watched by Cecil, who is not pleased with what he has seen and heard. As a result, more spankings are in order, and this time they will be harder, and with more a disciplinary tone. (Bonus: Kelli is completely nude this time).

The movie has a bit of a "slapstick" ending, but that's okay. It fits right in with other OhhTeeKay movies...which also have an element of fun.

In closing, all I can say is if you don't buy "Cheaters, or Cheaters X", you will be cheating yourself.

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