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length:28 minutes

Several Lesbian spanking/domination settings; mostly ineffectual stuff for my taste, but pretty girls and nice bottoms all around.

Cleo & Mercedes (the actresses?): Katie, a willowy blonde, is late arriving; her partner, a sexy pageboy brunette in jodpurs awaits in simulated anger with a riding crop. Katie is immediately persuaded to remove her cutoff jeans and is spanked with the crop and a soft cat on her bare bottom but for a leopard thong and top. She is both OTK and bent over a stair bannister. This is mild stuff, but her melodramatic responses are fun. Soon her dominatrix has her own top off to show us nifty natural breasts, and she gets Katie totally naked for a crisp handspanking. Nice view between her wiggling thighs. Her nipples gets sucked and we watch some French kissing.

Juliana & Brooke: Juliana is a dark and sultry lady; she too has been bad; her dominatrix strips off Juliana's leather dress, lowers her pantyhose, and spanks, paddles, and hairbrushes her in various exposed and revealing positions on and around a circular staircase frame. A ballet, this is, as she twists nude from one position to another to take her spankings. The spanker strips herself in the process. Juliana's bottom blisters a bit; she is made to hobble around with panyhose at her ankles. Lesbian dalliance mixed in along the way. Lovely girls.

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