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Chelsea's Angels

Written and Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Videography and special Effect by Lawrence Selden
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Ariel X
Madison Young
Review by Richard Windsor

From the people who brought you Space Girls, along comes another brand new, high quality, fantasy themed spanking extravaganza. This time Chelsea Pfeiffer teams up with Madison Young and Ariel X to bring you the all new "Chelsea's Angels"

Just as the film gets underway we see Chelsea sitting in her office, in the distance, through an office window, we watch the Space Girls UFO disappear, a cute touch to get the film started. Chelsea is looking at spanking pictures with some disdain when she orders her computer to get her 'Angels' on the other side of the camera phone. Chelsea explains to her two girls that one of the 'Angels' has left due to an intense paddling interrogation, but both girls are steadfast in their determination that they could have handled the paddling themselves.

There is another assignment coming up and Chelsea is concerned that her 'Angels' might not be able to handle an interrogation that could be worse, so she plans a test for her 'Angels' to see whether they can handle the interrogation. Serena is first up and Chelsea orders her across Shelly's lap for a hand spanking. After Serena ponders out loud whether or not her friend Shelly can spank hard enough, with Chelsea's encouragement Shelly begins the spanking over Serena's lace panties.

With Chelsea making the occasional comment throughout the spanking, Shelly picks up the pace and reddens Serena's bottom nicely, Chelsea seems impressed. With a bottom now glowing pink Chelsea decides it's time for Serena's panties to come off. Under Chelsea's watchful eye and verbal direction, Shelly obliges and proceeds to give Serena a sound bare bottom spanking.

Serena held up her end well and now it is time for the 'Angels' to switch positions. Shelly goes over Serena's lap and the spanking begins. The spanking starts off fairly lightly until Chelsea reminds Serena that she needs to spank harder, Serena of course obliges and spanks without a pause until Shelly's bottom turns delightfully red.

Once Chelsea is satisfied that both girls have had an adequate enough hand spanking she decides it is time to move on to the implements. Serena assumes the position first with both girls now naked, and Shelly begins to apply the crop. It all starts off very well as Shelly delivers an expert application of the crop, but the naughty girl just can't seem to stay focused and soon her hands and the crop itself start to wander to other areas as Chelsea watches with some bemusement. Sensing that the girls have totally lost their focus as Shelly slides the crop up and down to Serena's pleasurable groans; Chelsea orders them to change positions yet again.

When Serena starts to use the crop it isn't very long at all before she loses focus herself and starts to spank areas other than Shelly's bottom. Chelsea tries to remain patient but despite her reminders to stay on track, Serena has other places on Shelly that she wants to spank with a much longer, more pleasurable spanking. While Chelsea counts to ten both girls engage in a full make out session. We next see them on the couch making out when all of a sudden Chelsea herself appears. She isn't pleased at all and decides that she herself is going to have to finish this test and picks up the wooden paddle.

This video has some great camera work, shooting from various angles that let you enjoy each scene from the face, the side, and of course the butt cam. Both Serena and Shelly have great chemistry together during the spanking and the non spanking parts of the movie. The hand spankings themselves are nice and firm and both girls receive some erotic discipline at the hands of the crop. Chelsea's bubbly spirit is fantastic throughout as she guides, encourages, and even chastises the girls as she watches on through the camera phone. It is yet another fantastic original concept from the minds at with Chelsea directing on camera. The finish of the film is what stands out for me in the spanking department though, as Chelsea uses a small school style paddle to thoroughly redden both bottoms for over 5 minutes. The paddle is used in more of a spanking motion with regular traditional licks thrown in to keep the girls on their toes.

At the end of the film both girls are nursing very red bottoms at the hand of Chelsea's paddle, which is a fitting conclusion for a wonderful film. The atmosphere is lighthearted and fun, but the spankings themselves are anything but, and once Chelsea gets the paddle in her hand it is all business. If you liked 'Space Girls' then be sure to get this film as well because you will love this one just as much. Three pretty girls and half an hour of good solid spanking, what more could a spanking fan wish to watch?

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