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Chelsea spanks Chloe and Pixie

Written and Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Amber Pixie Wells
Chloe' Elise
Guest Review by Richard Windsor - Posted 11/16/07

This is the first of the 'Chelsea spanks' videos that I have had a chance to watch and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. In this video we get to watch Chelsea spank two punishedbrats alumni, Chloe Elise and Amber Pixie Wells.

Chloe is the first to go in front of Chelsea and what a great scene this is. We get a very brief introduction to Chloe and within 30 seconds she is over Chelsea's lap getting a hand spanking over the seat of her tight blue jeans, Chelsea even comments that there are a lot of blue jean spanking fans out there and this is an ideal way to give a warm up. The viewer gets two whole minutes of a hand spanking over the tight jeans for the warm up, and looking at the two paddles, the hairbrush and the strap on the table, Chloe is going to need a warm up.

Chloe's jeans come down and Chelsea now picks the pace up a bit over Chloe's white cotton booty shorts panties. Chloe can feel the difference in protection straight away as we get to hear her little whimpers almost immediately. During this part of the spanking Chelsea and Chloe engage in some fun spanking talk with lots of giggles from the both of them. After a couple of minutes the panties come down and the chatting ceases as Chelsea spanks Chloe on her delicious bare bottom. Before we know it we are already eight minutes into the spanking when Chelsea decides it is time for the hairbrush, which you get the feeling isn't Chloe's favorite.

I lost count along the way but Chelsea gives Chloe around 200 swats with the hairbrush, and as the conversation dies all you are hearing is the brush landing and Chloe's yelps. We have a way to go yet and next Chelsea picks up a wicked looking otk paddle. Now while the overall tone between Chelsea and Chloe is fun, friendly and compassionate, the spanking itself is totally real. Chelsea lays the otk paddle down a couple of hundred times, starting off slow and then delivering a rapid fire spanking. It is Chloe's first time with a paddle and Chelsea is happy to break her in with it.

Now we move on to the other paddle, though I can't tell you what it is. The best I can describe it is a sintra paddle if you know what one of those is. The paddle covers both cheeks and after a brief application otk, Chelsea has Chloe stand up for a proper paddling on her now glowing pink cheeks. Yet again Chloe receives more than a hundred spanks either in slow, solid ones, or quick rapid fire spanks. To finish this scene up Chelsea picks up the doubled over strap and begins to apply it to what is now a pretty tender bottom. This part was awesome, again well over a hundred swats with Chloe counting out the last 50 as they progressively get harder.

Chloe and Chelsea have great chemistry and what I love about this scene is the overall tone. The spanking is conducted like a great many of us conduct in our own homes, it is fun and friendly yet the spanking itself is very firm. I loved the interaction between the two of them, it was almost like we were watching one room mate spank the other on a quiet evening. Let me be clear though, despite the pleasant tone, the spanking itself is top notch and Chloe receives one heck of a spanking during this half an hour.

Now onto part 2 of this excellent DVD, this time it is Chelsea spanking the ever adorable Amber Pixie Wells. Chelsea lets the viewing audience know that Pixie has already been spanked and that she broke one of Chelsea's hairbrushes!! It would blow your mind if you knew how many toys have broken on this brat's bottom.

Pixie is dressed in a cute cherry print summer dress and you can see the hem of a sheer slip showing beneath. That catches my attention straight away because you just don't get enough slip spankings nowadays, it is fast becoming a memory of the past. Anyway, Pixie goes otk and to be honest, she doesn't get much in the way of a warm up, I guess she had already got that in her previous spankings that day. To start with Pixie gets a hand spanking, a minute each over her dress and slip, then three minutes over her panties followed by four minutes on the bare bottom. I will keep that part short because we can see a whole array of toys behind Chelsea and I have a feeling we have a long way to go yet.

The first implement Chelsea uses is a heart shaped wooden paddle for a couple of minutes followed by the hairbrush which Chelsea applies with vigor for three more minutes. The hairbrush spanking is brilliant, a really good firm spanking that has little Pixie yelping. That's five whole minutes otk with two implements, Pixie is such a little trooper.

After being otk for 15 minutes Pixie is finally able to stand as Chelsea picks up the double wide strap. Pixie leans on the chair with her bottom out for seventy real stingers with the strap which even out the red color in her bottom wonderfully, then Chelsea uses a stick type thing that not even she knows what it is, so we are just going to call it a whacker. This is followed by a wooden oval paddle and Chelsea lays this on fast and firm and then yet another similar paddle which obviously stings a lot more than the first one did. How many more implements are going to land on the squealing Pixie we wonder? Well, we are soon to find out after a hard butt warming with the paddle that it is just one, and the one is the pointer cane.

At first Chelsea uses the cane in a short whippy manner but gradually uses it firmer as the strokes go along, once we get up to 69 stripes of the cane we hear Pixie's phone ring, not something you want to hear when a strict lady is holding a pointer cane and Pixie's bottom pays the price for it. I counted all of the strokes in this part and Chelsea uses the cane a whopping 97 times on Pixie's bright red bottom, and believe me it really is red by this point. Once the final half a dozen are landed Pixie and Chelsea hug, then Chelsea delightfully tells Pixie she can answer her phone now.

Now then, as for the overall content of the video I thought it was wonderful. In the first scene between Chloe and Chelsea there is a lot of fun interaction between a ton of spanking action. With Pixie and Chelsea there isn't as much joking around and the spanking is a lot stricter, but it is still done between some laughs, though Chelsea is the one who seems to be doing most of the laughing. A top rate film if you want to watch some really good spanking action without the submissive quality to it, but don't be mistaken by the joking around, the spankings are very firm and later for Pixie they get pretty hard.

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