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Chelsea Spanks Sasha and Darling

Staring: Sasha
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Running Time: approximately 60 minutes
Review by Katrina

This video is the first in a line of new products offered by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. This is a spanking video, pure and simple. It is a video about Chelsea spanking two lovely spanking models. Instead of a screenplay we are offered a reason that Sasha need to be punished the fabulous Chelsea Pfeiffer. This is a concept that has long been successfully employed in the DST series of videos.

Chelsea Spanks Sasha

The video is in two parts. In the first part we find that Chelsea is inviting Sasha into her home. (Note: this is her real home. It is not a "stage".) It seems that her boyfriend has sent her to be spanked because she keeps getting into fights. Sasha has been spanked by several other people, including the aforementioned Dallas when she claimed that it was her husband, and then later her boyfriend, who sent her to Dallas. Oh well, I guess that any good excuse will work for a good old-fashioned bottom-warming.

As soon as she walks in she tells Chelsea that she needs a "really good spanking". She finds the sofa while Chelsea adjusts the lights and closes the blinds. As Sasha removes her jacket, Chelsea proclaims that she does need a spanking. Sasha is not wearing anything but lingerie under her jacket. She wastes no time in getting over Chelsea's lap. Chelsea wastes no time in starting to warm-up Sasha's bottom so that she can "really" punish her. She does not hit very hard but uses a full hand at a reasonable clip of about one every second. By the end of about two minutes of warm-up, Chelsea slowly peels up Sasha's skirt to reveal a slightly splotchy red bottom that peeks out from under the high-cut panties and garter straps. Apparently, Sash's bottom has felt this stimulation before in recent memory.

Sasha's choice of underwear was probably not the best for a spanking. The high-cut panties ride up too high and Chelsea has no option but to put her hand on Sash's now bare skin for the next round of this spanking. The cheeks are nicely framed between the panties, hose, and the garter strap. Sashay has a light complexion which shows the red effects very well. The effects are beginning to show on her face as her bottom gets redder and redder. She is starting to wiggle and give pained looks as if it is having the desired effect.

The next item to be removed is the whole skirt. Sasha rises to drop the skirt and gets back over Chelsea's lap. Sasha has long legs which remain on the floor as she leans over Chelsea's lap and places her hands on the sofa. I guess that you can call this sort of an OTK position, in as much as her legs are still on the ground. In no time at all Chelsea finds the tender spots on Sasha's bottom to elicit the desired effects. By now, her bottom is just red with very little pale spots when the garter belt is removed. The panties could not be lowered because the garter belt was in the way. Oh well, that will have to wait for later. Still Sasha looks like she is enjoying the stimulation. The looks that she gives are those of a lady who is being held tightly by her lover. It is not the look of someone being painfully spanked. Just wait. There is more to come. Sasha will get it. Don't worry.

While this is happening Chelsea complains that there is one little spot on Sasha's bottom that "won't turn red". To help it achieve the desired flush tone, it gets a little extra attention.

Eventually the panties are slowly pulled down and inched down the legs to be removed. Now Sasha is in the perfect spanking outfit - bare bottom. Chelsea starts in again to slap the now bottom-less Sasha with her hand. This time it is not slow. It is quickly applied since her bottom is warmed to the proper hot temperature.

Finally, as we start this phase, Sasha is beginning to show some discomfort to the spanking. She is starting to wince and complain by her movements that this is beginning to hurt. It should! Her bottom is pretty red by now. The camera angle is pretty good at this point. It is showing a perfect picture of Sasha's bottom when Chelsea's hand is making an impact. Still, Chelsea is determined to give her a "little red tushy" to satisfy her boyfriend's request that she be punished.

The final piece of clothing is removed at this point. Down comes her bra. Now Sasha is not only bottomless but topless too. (She would be nude except for the stockings that never do come off.) Oh Guys, Sasha has a pretty good set of breasts. They are not too big, they are not too small....just right. When Chelsea starts again Sasha's bottom is fully involved. It is completely red.

Now it finally comes out. Sasha admits that she enjoys fighting with her boyfriend. Chelsea's response is now a very fast spanking. Sasha takes no time to say that she is sorry. Chelsea, the kind, caring and trusting person, does not believe her and continues to apply correction to Sasha's bottom. In a moment, when Sasha asks if she is finished spanking and showing her crocodile tears, Chelsea's comment is "No, I have just started."

A few more slaps just to prove the point, and then, with the consent of the cameraman, the spanking is paused. There is more to come when she is again put over Chelsea's lap. It is a good thing that the redness did not go away. If it did, Chelsea's work would have had to start from the beginning. As it is, Sasha is not taking it very well at this point. She is beyond the painful look stage and into the painful crying stage as she starts to scream and writhe. It is probably getting harder to hit her target but Chelsea manages to do it easily. Slap after slap Chelsea's hand manages to contact her bottom and turn it redder and redder in the process. Sasha's reaction is only to plead for her to stop. Still Chelsea does not stop. She is still trying to make that one spot red. By now, Sasha is probably thinking of getting a red paint can and spray painting her bottom if it would help. It won't.

Finally, at the climax, the spanking is hard and fast. This is the final movement in this drama, "the spanking of a very naughty girl." By the time that the spanking ends, Sasha's bottom is in a stage three sunburn state, fully red, sore, and very tender. Chelsea finally relents and tells her that she will get seventy-five more. Sasha does not want even five more, let alone seventy-five. True to her promise, Chelsea delivers all that is promised to Sasha's now flaming red bottom. By the time that it is finished, Sasha is sorry for fighting with her boyfriend. She may even be sorry for having a boyfriend.

When she is let up, Sasha is allowed to rub her bottom, but first she must display it for the camera. After that, she requests some lotion. Sasha, that request may not be the best idea. Yes, it will help take away the sting. However, it will also take away the redness. If you are planning to show your boyfriend that you have been punished, well, take it from someone in your position, you don't want to remove the redness. Oh well, perhaps she will be back when her boyfriend tells her that she has not been punished severely enough. We can only hope. It ends with Sasha asking Chelsea if it is her turn to spank Chelsea. "In your dreams" is Chelsea's response.

Chelsea Spanks Darling

Darling is a model, like Sasha who has been around on other videos. Darling has worked for both Chelsea and her friend, Clare Fonda. Darling has one very great attribute. She does a very good job of facial responses. It is full of ows, oohs, ahs, and grimaces that make you want to believe that she is being spanked well beyond her tolerance.

The scene opens with Chelsea coming to Darling's residence. She is greeted with the line "I seriously need some correction." It seems that Darling has called Chelsea over to see if she can help Darling focus on her schoolwork. Darling has been too interested in going out on the party circuit and not doing her work. As Chelsea enters, we find that Darling has already laid out several paddles and straps for Chelsea to use.

Like Sasha, Chelsea starts out over Darling's skirt at a good rate with reasonable force. Darling is still answering questions and engaging in conversation while being spanked. Perhaps the spanking will help her to remember to keep to her duties. Darling starts with her facial expressions.

By the time that she peels up the skirt, Darling's pale white bottom is almost untouched. It is only starting to change color. Her brown bikini-briefs do not seem to help as they don't cover the "sit spot". In a while, Darling's bottom starts to change color, a nice red color offset in a snow-white scene. While her face changes expressions, her body language does not show the same thing. So, it is not quite real. Still, it is good "face".

By the time that Chelsea peels down the panties, her bottom is pink to reddish in spots. Soon, even her body language is showing that she is in pain. The stinging is getting to her as Chelsea continues to turn Darling's bottom into a single red sore. However, it did not take Chelsea long to find the sweet spot on Darling's bottom; that magical little place which is the most sensitive on her left cheek. Chelsea continues to strike where it counts the most; in the sweet spot. By the time that she sends Darling for a paddle, Darling's bottom is red. There is no white area left on her bottom cheeks. That includes the tender area on the side of the cheeks. When Darling selects a long black leather paddle, she must remove all of the skirts and panties. Now she is truly bottomless.

Chelsea begins to use the long thin (about two inches wide) black paddle on Darling's bottom. It does not help but it saves Chelsea's hand. When she is finished with the first part of this paddle, she starts to rub other areas of Darling's body until Darling reveals that she is ticklish. By then, the bra comes off, freeing her D size breasts, and the black paddle now is used on the nude, prone girl. After a few swats with the paddle, Chelsea returns to using her favorite tool; that stinging hand of hers.

When complete, she is sent for "the other black paddle". This paddle is a leather covered hard paddle which seems to do a very good job on her bottom. The cheeks ripple up and down with each stroke, all the way to the front part of the hips. The paddle covers the entire cheek area with a single swat so it generates a wide sting. Her entire bottom cheek is hit with every stroke. By the time that the paddle is complete, Darling's bottom is getting awfully red when Chelsea returns to her hand.

The next paddle is a "little baby paddle". This is a hairbrush wooden paddle. It is a big mistake Darling. Those paddles hurt. Chelsea starts out with her hand to keep up the color and then starts in with the hairbrush paddle. Darling now starts to count the strokes. At the end of the fifty one strokes, Chelsea finally says that Darling has learned her lesson and lets her up.

The film is just a simple case of Chelsea spanking two girls. The spankings are good as spankings go. However, they lack the general "turn about is fair play" for which Chelsea Pfeiffer is know. If all things were considered, I suppose that I would like to see Chelsea get it as well as she gives it. That is the style that has made her products distinct in this industry.

Chelsea is an expert spanker. There is no doubt about that. The two spankings that she gave are very good. The bottoms are well red but not marked. The two ladies had a good warm experience but the red bottom would fade by the next day or two. The soreness will leave in a couple of days. That is the mark of a truly good bottom warming. That is the mark of a job "well done". That is Chelsea Pfeiffer's mark.

In conclusion all that I can say is that while I have not turned in my assignments on time to David, I have no desire to be sent to Chelsea for some additional treatments. David, I am sorry. Chelsea, well, you would not want to spank this poor little lady now would you? I promise to be good. I promise to be on time. I promise to do my work. If not, well, I guess that you may be seeing more of me and my bottom than I want.

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