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Choir Girl

29 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/12/10

Collected in the "Tales From the Road" series and starring Miss Brown. A pretty boyish brunette seeks entrance into the school's boys' choir. Choir director Miss Brown has heard "he" is a girl masquerading as a boy. "But," the girl stammers, "it's obvious I am a boy." Brown: "I'm afraid there is only one way to clear this up." Young lady: "There is no way I am going to strip off."

After threats of dismissal, the ingenue brunette accepts. Ultimatums don't hold up in spanking videos. "Pull up your cassock and pull down your pants." Suspicions confirmed--careful frontal camera view of soft fuzzy femininity. "You're going to receive some severe corporal punishment," spoken with chilling menace a la Miss Brown, who is dressed in her own formal cassock.

She is taken OTK on an antique-looking chair, part of a detailed well-apointed church office-like set, well done by CalStar. Fancy desk, shelves, mirrors, candles, lawyers' bookshelves. The girl's cassock is rolled up again and she is spanked on white boyshorts, but just for a monent, before they come down. Quickly, bruises and splotches develop, likely caused by a combination of this sweet tender bottom and the relentless experienced Miss Brown.

Miss Brown's process to climax is usually the same. "Strip off. Clothes off." A nifty, young boyish figure. She bends over the desk completely naked for a fierce session with an oval paddle. This young lady does a convincing job of being miserable. "Stop sniveling." The floppy leather paddle/strap increases her misery.

A pause before the final event. Miss Brown brings a pillow for her to lean on over the desk "because you are a girl." Fully 45 strokes of the cane are shown, repeats from both obliques, closeup of a twitching bottom, and of a grimacing face. Very entertaining. Miss Brown canes with a simple backswing and then a major-league wrist snap, and an unmistakable gleam in her eye.

Our little student patters off in tears, clothes in a lump.

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