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Civil Settlement

24 Minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/18/08

We generally don't review these popular films because they're articulately and graphically covered by the professionals. Couldn't resist on this one. A delicious fantasy, found throughout the genre--four girls are caught in some mischief and offered the generic choice--the cane or the police. The difference is, with Lupus, the consequences are going to be, shall we say, more impressive.

An attractive young lady walks around her house in only a towel, just out of the bath. Her mother notices her peeking bottom is striped; on interrogation, she confesses she, her sister, and two friends were caught on a frolic and were caned by two strange men. The parents file a complaint with the police; we watch the investigation, producing the theatrical opportunity for flashbacks to the event itself. Cute plausible plot; multiple scenes and sets; impressive punishment, and as usual, lovely young ladies in major distress.

The four girls are hiking in girl scout uniforms and sunbathing nude; caught by some rain, they break into a locked cabin, strip naked to dry their clothes, and help themselves to the liquor at hand. Two men, characters from the Lupus cast, apparently caretakers, catch them. What a good thing--four naked girls trespassing and stealing. The girls cower and cover themselves; this is a salacious little prelude Lupus uses prior to the main event. The girls are given the choice: report to the police, or take canings, here and now. They huddle, a mass of pink flesh, confer, and reluctantly agree--just like the unforgettable naked-girl conference scene in Wild Party 2, and here the results will be almost as spectacular.

The first girl to give it up, a smashing brunette, walks naked to a low chest of drawers and bends over. She takes 20 strokes with a switch-like cane, authentically appearing as if it were just cut outside from the foliage. She cries and despairs appropriately, and from the look of her bottom, for good reason. The second girl sidles relectantly to the bureau--one never tires of watching reluctant girls coming forward to take their turn. Her 20 strokes are less hard, but she is an effective screamer. These caretakers know this a remote cabin and no one will hear these girls.

Next is a blonde, very fresh and of particular interest to the men. She takes her 20 with nice tears. The last girl looks as if someone should check her age certification, except for her figure, which surely got her through auditions very quickly, we imagine. She takes only 15, but her wiggling beautiful bottom is memorable. The four caned girls kneel in a row Lupus portrait-style, for us to contemplate the artwork. They dress and leave.

At the police hearing, it's apparent the authorities take some satifaction in finding in favor of the caretakers.The girls deserve what they got. The police covet the photos of the naked striped bottoms. Well, the father is plenty mad at his daughters. Back home, they are positioned, pants down. He's gotten out his own cane...........

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