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Claims Dealt With

28 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/15/08

Another office setting, and the devil himself works here. It is an insurance claims operation, where the Adjustor has Miss Johnson, an absolutely smashing tall thin pixie-haried brunette squirming on her chair. She is desperate to be paid on a claim, but has a bad history on previous filings, so the Adjustor is leery (and clever, we'll see). She pleads, impudently keeps bantering away, and he sees his chance. "Have you ever been spanked?"

She accepts the deal; he locks his office door and Johnson stands and dramatically lowers her black slacks, with a knowing laugh, as if she knows what he wants and that she can provide it. He fondles and feels her bottom, bunching up her white pants. Retaining her knowing smile, she goes OTK and gives out squeaky little surprised cries as he spanks, sexy realistic alternatives to strings of corny "oww's." The Adjustor tugs down her panties ever so slowly. She is made to stand and pull off her black top. No bra. The naughty Adjustor flicks her nipples and spreads cold cream on her bottom. Johnson presents a glamorous sight, standing helpless in the altogether in the Adjustor's office. Her smiles betray her excited complicity in this afternoon delight.

The Adjustor retrieves a cane from a hook on the wall. We don't recall seeing such an item in our last visit to an insurance office. Maybe it is a standard instrument of claim settlement. The spectacular Miss Johnson, whose situation right now defines the description "bare-ass," bends over a chair, keeps her knees locked, throwing her bottom high and right in our face. This actress knows exactly had to deploy her assets. She takes about 25 moderate crisp stokes, issuing those little squeaks. The Adjustor reaches under to tweak her breasts, so available in this posture. She still giggles. He kisses her bottom at 30 strokes, then turns her for our benefit. A thoroughly modern miss is Miss Johnson, with a razor-thin mohawk to show us,a marvel.

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