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Class of '94

length:45 min
Cal Star
early 1990's

Usual British schoolgirl routine, except a "Head Girl" is enlisted and is very aggressive with the flogger and the cane. The authoritarian professor/don looks like New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. Two girls, in full school regalia, including boaters--a frosty blonde and a curly brunette, have been caught (1) with a cucumber in the girls' bathroom, and (2) writing obscene graffiti. Actionable behavior; of course, it's bottom-time, and the don and Head Girl will do the work.

Frosty is first, OTK on nice white panties; Curly gets the same; Mario takes Frosty back OTK, and he likes to peel panties down slowly, the same for Curly. The spankings are mild but the bottoms are admirable and the ritual is nice.

A padded trestle is pulled out; Frosty lies lenghwise on it, her pants are removed again for a reddening handspanking; same for Curly, only harder and effective. Both girls are stood against the wall, school classroom-humiliation style, hands-on-head, skirsts up, pants down. Always cute.

Matters intensify. Frosty surrenders her pants and is doubled over the trestle in the more traditional and revealing posture for 25 counted firm strokes with a leather flogger. Lots of sexy squirming, some winks, and nice views from a floor-level camera. the Head Girl is called on now, Curly is positioned, and the Head assertively lays on 25 with a smaller flogger, and they sizzle.

Mario brandishes the cane in the girls' faces, which he loves to do. The girls take off their bunched-up skirts. the Head gives Frosty six crisp shots--she is gasping for breath. Six hard ones for Curly. Then Mario gives each girl six more; Now, we're nicely striped and all very sorry for our misbehavior.

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